Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I feel so "trendy"

I got a Cricut! I can't remember if I said anything about it or not yet but I got one! :) I actually got one because they were $99 at Joann's -- no coupon, no special thing... just a great sale! That and their cartridges for my bug were on sale too! I snatched up the 50 States cartridge. I am so excited so NOW I'm on the Cricut bandwagon! :) WOO HOO!

I just now, need more cartridges -- and to offload my Sizzix (though I really do still like it for several things. :) Is it bad to have both? Am I now having too much stuff? I need to have a scrappy sale I think!

I've also pretty much sold myself that BOTH MY BOYS will be homeschooled next year. If I put them in the private school I was looking at, it'd be about $1200 a month and while I don't know what's going to happen with the economy, why not do what I can myself and enjoy having them all to myself just a little while longer?

I've resolved that I need to schedule their time... and schedule them both to have some classes AWAY from home at the Creative Arts in Action homeschooler's school (think of college for kids) -- you pick a course, pay a fee and take the class once a week for 2 your work at home... yeah, it's like college for kids! I'm excited about the though of that opportunity for J so that he can connect with OTHER kids that are homeschooled and not feel like an outsider. I WISH THAT KID WOULD GET SOME CONFIDENCE! How do you make your shy, self-conscious kid gain confidence? Ugh!

ANY-WHO... I'm still doing curriculum research... mostly for J but have started looking at it for D as well. :) I think it will be extrememly hard but I've stumbled across a system called "workboxes" and you can read about it HERE but I think THIS is going to be the ticket that gets us a) outside exercising DAILY; b) doing more creative opportunity activities; c) completed in a timely fashion to have more time for the FUN STUFF!

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