Sunday, March 8, 2009

Organization and sleepy head

Yesterday, I went to the Container Store and purchased (because they have them 30% off) two 62" wall brackets and 10 buckets that attach to those wall brackets. The buckets hold 24 DVDs each. I got all the movies alphabetized and a space or two in between each letter just in case we got new movies... and guess what... all TEN BUCKETS are FULL! I need to go get two more! WOW! BUT, it feels good finally getting that room some kind of organized.

I also bought a $25 rolling under the bed storage bin for Drew with a hinged lid to store his GeoTrax. He's decided it's time for a big boy room and so it's going to be turned into a fire man room. :) Any fun -- REASONABLE ideas -- let me know! :)

I rolled out of bed this morning at 10am -- Spring Forward SUCKS! Especially when you can't fall asleep until about 3:30 a.m. :( I was SO FREAKIN TIRED... Needless to say, morning church was missed so I'll be hoping for the 6pm service.

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chksngr said...

AGAIN I must ask...when will you be to my house to do the same/