Friday, March 6, 2009

Learning about Delaware

Our day started out rather uneventful but we decided to learn about one state a week -- in the order of how they came into the Union. So, first off. Delaware. December 7, 1787. Did you realize we didn't have a president until 1789 so they were a state without a president. Very cool. We bought THIS lapbook kit from Hands of a Child so that we could use it on each state. We've learned some fun stuff about Delaware -- we actually didn't finish it in a week because we're ALSO doing an Ancient Egypt lapbook and got a little caught up in that one... BUT we'll finish it tonight I'm sure! :)

When we started researching the state bird of Delaware - the Blue Hen Chicken - we found out some interesting bits of history... It's amazing, you know. I don't think that I would have even ever cared about learning anything about Delaware but now... because of Josh, I know a little something new. I know their flag's colors were chosen because of their matching the colors of General George Washington's uniform. Their state bird was chosen based on the historical accounts of the men who fought in the Revolutionary War from Delaware... with the same tenacity of the birds they brought with them (blue hen chickens)... the birds weren't even native or abundant in Delaware... they were cock fighting birds. We learned it's only 30 miles wide -- WOW... LOL... being from a state as BIG as Texas, that's just wild to imagine! :)

Last night was leftover night and Josh and I watched

The Mummy Returns Pictures, Images and Photos

The Mummy Returns (Brenden Fraser is a hottie, by the way) I find this movie both ... entertaining and ... well, the eye candy is just delicious. :) hee hee... It was fun for Josh to see a lot of the history we've been researching on Ancient Egypt in this movie. He's enjoyed it tremendously... sometimes it's been a whipping and getting that kid to understand dynastys and how ever leader is called Pharoah and such is a bit of a daunting task BUT... at least he's HEARD it so that when he RElearns it later, he'll remember SOMETHING about it. (I hope)

Since we joined Blockbuster's online membership -- like NetFlix -- he's a mailman stalker. It's almost to the point of being a little annoying that he just feels like it's now HIS job to go get the mail and open any movie in there. Yesterday, I finally said, "Whose name is on the envelope?" He said, "Yours...but..." I cut him off and said, "So, if you got something in the mail with YOUR name on it, would you want ME opening it?" He said, "Well, no.." Again, I cut him off. "So, even if you THINK the contents MAY be for you, before opening something that doesn't have YOUR name on it, what do you think you SHOULD do?"

{{then I get "that look"}}

"Ask permission."

"Very good."

(My work was done. He asked. Received. End of story. BUT we'll hvae to see if the same thing happens for Monday's mail.)

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