Thursday, March 19, 2009

Obama -- sucks

The man is an idiot. Because of his trillion dollar budget plan needs moo-lah, he's halted a program that has had $2 million allocated for training and certification of US pilots to carry firearms. The LAST LINE OF DEFENSE from another 9/11 and he wants to take away their right to pack heat? What kind of freakin MORON IS HE? From the TRILLION he's spent, I say that 2 Million is WORTH IT!

And in his sweeping idiotic legislation... now Mexico is slapping tarriffs on US imported goods to make up for the money lost due to his violation of NAFTA... what a moron! He does stuff like that then tells everyone to jump through hoops to fix stuff he's screwed up. Rad here. The man has no idea what he's doing. He just glad to be the first black guy doing it. Congratulations on being the first black president that has already been the WORST spender in the HISTORY of our COUNTRY. IDIOT! Farewell -- you'll hopefully be a one-timer!

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