Monday, March 2, 2009

Did you know...

... that peaches have pits?
... that plums have pits?
... and that ONIONS HAVE PITS?

I so wasn't ready for my NINE YEAR OLD to get some b.o. but Lord have mercy did he ever... He spent all day... well, being a boy. I told him to take a FAST BATH when he was getting ready for bed. Fast bath... means that he was in a hot, steamy shower for 7-10 minutes.

All is well, I put the kitchen back together and go upstairs to tell both goodnight, read stories, say prayers -- you know... the typical end-of-night "stuff." I walk into Josh's room and was immediately like -- WTH? It smelled liek... something... I was thinking BO but ??? he just took a shower and well, he was the only one in there. So...did some garbage make it in his room? Onions? I was like... Josh, do you smell onions? I smell something so I started walking around trying to find a mildewed towel or something that would have been the source of such... foulness.

I couldn't find anything so I walked over to tuck him into bed and when he raised his arms to give me a hug... there it was... STINKY ONION PITS!?! EWWWWW... I was like...?? when you take a shower, it's not just to get wet -- you GOTTA WASH TOO?! How weird...

Monday night... we went to Wal-Mart and he bought some deodorant. Do I think he needs it? Of course not BUT it makes him feel better (and by-God -- I don't want any more stinky-onion-pits anymore)


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chksngr said...

OMG!!! CAN'T....BREATHE....LAUGHING....TOOO.....HARD.....OH....MY.....GOOD....NESS!!!!