Saturday, March 28, 2009

80 then 30

They always say, "If you don't like the weather in Texas, wait 10 minutes." Well, when the front blew in yesterday... it took about 10 minutes for the temperature to drop from high 70's to 40's. INSANE.

Of the $400 worth of bedding plants (some tropical) we'll see if they make it. :( They're covered with my king sized beautifully expensive sheets weighed down with paint cans because of the 50 MPH wind gusts we had for about 24 hours.

Pray for my plants... UGH! Right now, it's 44 degrees. I did buy more bird feed for the little feathered friends so that they could eat something to keep them warm. I wish some would come live in our little houses. Oh well... I'm going to bed tonight... later taters

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chksngr said...

Just like Colorado! should feel right at home? :-)