Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Universal Preschool

And another thing that has me ticked .. I received this from a list I'm on (on the 13th)

Several months ago, I was contacted by the producer of 20/20 with John Stossel who was doing a story in OPPOSITION to universal preschool. I helped them put together a panel of parents to be interviewed for the piece in Los Angeles, California, and provided lots of information, research, and commentary to help them with their story.

A short version of the program aired this morning on Good Morning America.


I just spoke to the producer and she tells me that they've already received "a ton of negative feedback" on the ABC website. She wrote, "Some positive feedback would be great!" She said the more feedback - the more likely ABC would be to revisit the subject.

Please watch - and MOST IMPORTANTLY go to the ABC website where you can watch snippets and learn more here:

Post your comments about it here:

Universal Preschool will:

*Increase government debt

*Extend the already failing public school system

*Threaten the existence of private preschool programs (many of which are owned and operated by women and minorities)

*Harm the intellectual, physical, psychological, and social development of young children through forced academics that includes standardized curriculum and testing of 4-year-olds! (See

Nevertheless teacher's unions and corporate interests are teaming up with government to institutionalize young children in this mega feat of social engineering that will grease their pockets with tax-payer dollars.

UNIVERSAL PRESCHOOL IS BIG BUSINESS. It is NOT about quality early education and it is NOT in the best interests of MOST little kids.

We have a rare opportunity for opponents of universal preschool to be heard. Please, TAKE ACTION NOW! Watch the program and post your comments TODAY.

You are welcome to pass this message to anyone.

Thank you for your help!

Diane Flynn Keith
List Owner


Is that not just scary? This government that F's up (pardon my Texan -- but I'm mad!) EVERYTHING IT TOUCHES wants CONTROL over my PRESCHOOLER? That's ridiculous. It's not necessary and we don't have the money to fund such stupid ideas... There's the link to 20/20's page about it... go read it, post your comments... DO NOT SUPPORT UNIVERSAL PRESCHOOL!

I'm going to have to agree with Superdad here wherein he says that, "their whole goal is to eliminate the parents and they want control over the kids from birth to death. This is straight out of the Karl Marx "Communist Manifesto" It is a tough read, but you ought to read it sometime. They control the kids and what they are taught, then they will have unlimited power. They are not Democrats in the old fashion (JFK was strong military, cut taxes) these people are straight up Communist. They want control over every aspect of your life and want you dependent on them for your own existence. I have seen it coming for years, it will just have to smack vast majority in the face before they realize it. Just wait till they get universal healthcare. You will have govt telling you what procedures you can have, what dr's you have to use, who gets what medicine. Basic procedures now will have a year or longer wait time. You know in Canada and Great Britain where they have the "model healthcare" Obama wants - doctors DRIVE CABS in the evenings just to make ends meet because the government controls what they can make. So our brightest will no longer go into the medical field b/c their pay will be capped. But then they want all salaries to be capped. Barney Frank has already said that. We are in better shape than 95% of the country so I really hope for the worst short term so people will see what the Dems are all about. They are so overreaching with their power that 2010 will be good for Conservatives."

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