Monday, March 16, 2009

Jumping for Joy

This was a nice lazy morning... then we stopped off at my favorite toy store - Learning Express Toy Company to pick up a present for D's friend, Spencer. HE was having a birthday party at a place called Let's Jump. It's pretty cool and all kids love it! Huge areas of inflatables to jump on -- what's not to love?! :)

So they do the jump thing, I take J to hunt down a fire -- we saw billows of black smoke on the way in. I'd never chased down a fire -- neither had he. So, we found it! A small private storage shed on Lake Grapevine was ablaze inside. Crazy there's tons of water but none to put out a fire? J and I speculated all kinds of scenarios as to why it could be burning. Then we went to Kohl's for some new shoes. ;) $45 shoes for $22. You can't beat that! I got D some new character t-shirts. :) $7 each -- you can't beat THAT either! He loves "Darf Gader" :) He can't say his name properly to save his life and frankly, I don't care! It's SO CUTE listening to him mispronounce it! I'm thankful he can say his "r's" properly... instead of calling them "awe" for "r"... I'll take my speech battles when I need to...but i know the "awe" one is HARD HARD HARD to break!

Then we went to have dinner with Grandma at one of her favorite restaurants -- Catfish & Company. Then home -- I changed into some fuzzy, warm jammies and sacked OUT! I was awoken at about 8:15... was up until about 10:45 and then back out. I think I'm coming down with something

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