Sunday, March 22, 2009

one of my peeves

about society today... saggers and muffin tops!

Gentlemen, pull you freakin drawers up. No one wants to see your stripey boxers. Having to pull your pants up every two steps means that they DO NOT FIT. Idiots. Now, I've heard tale that "saggin" spelled backwards... I'll just let you do that... and so it's a "culture" thing that I obviously wouldn't understand. But I do understand COMMON DECENCY. No one will give you a job if you can't keep your pants up! Pull up your freakin pants. Idiots. The whole lot of 'em!

saggin! Pictures, Images and Photos

Ladies, just because you can BUTTON something -- DOES NOT MEAN IT FITS! You all know what a muffin top is... low rise, too tight jeans followed by an overflow of flesh from the waistband. It's not attractive. It makes you look BAD... bad. bad. B-A-D also FAT... and not in the PHat way... in the ... you need to getcha some Jenny Craig sorta way!




or this...


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Marcie said...

I am dying laughing April! I am so with you on the muffin tops and saggers! What the **** are they thinking!