Saturday, March 21, 2009

Saving. Things. Just. Cause

My refrigerator is the queen of the kitchen. She and I don't get along right now as she's frozen my water line which prohibits us from getting chilled drinking water from her but the ice dispenser still works so for now, it'll do. The solution to the frozen line is to empty the unit and let it sit open for a day or two so that it can thaw. And, since, at the present time, that's not an option, ice is all we receive from the queen.

The inside of our kitchen's queen is food. Lots of it. Condiments, snacks, drinks, left-overs, produce, yogurt, cheeses, lunchmeat, and, of course, what house of children would be complete without a bottle of -- you guessed it, Hershey's syrup. I'll have to admit, I've seen an episode of Cribs before and am really surprised at how these people have these huge homes and immaculate, gigantic, fantastic kitchens that are NEVER USED?! Wow. I just can't imagine!

The freezer portion is different. I have a love/hate relationship with this part of Queen. It's so narrow that it's almost just impossible to store anything. I certainly can't flash freeze anything on a cookie tray... can't store pizzas... the pull out shelves, don't really ---pull---out. The whole thing just annoys me really. However, since I'm loved, I received a huge chest freezer and it is SO WONDERFUL! :) That is where the goodies are kept.

So... the inside is no mystery now... but the outside. The outside is a treasure to me. The outside is covered with pictures (in page protectors) that my boys have drawn... or them and their friends... The side has Drew's school calendar... a prayer calendar... it's just a wonderful place to sit and smile. It has Josh's first drawing of "our family" and now it also hosts the same of Drew. I'm going to do the embroidery thing of the drawing like I'd previously posted about.... but something else that I'd saved are a few comics that I just thought were poignant at the moment. :) And now, I'm goign to share them with you. Eternally they are digitally captured and now I can dispose of the paper they're on in the recycle bin and free up a little space on the Queen. :)

This first one is just what it feels like in my house half the time...


And then when I felt like I'd never get an adult moment again...

This is something I could see Drew doing. :) However, he routinely thanks God FOR God and his friends and family and toys... and Santa Claus. :)

This, however, is the one that started it all... this is my all time favorite. Brilliant, I believe would be an accurate word to describe this one.

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