Monday, March 16, 2009

Spring break!

It's the first day of spring break. And, in traditional fashion, I feel like I'm coming down with something. :) Gotta love those spring colds. :) Actually I think Mr. Wonderful passed it on to me. Oh well. Live and learn!

Mr. J leaves today to spend the week in Iowa with his biological father. He'll be back on Sunday. I'm sure he'll have fun but we'll miss him when he's gone. D generally doesn't know what to do.. checks in his room to make sure he didn't come back while he was sleeping (it's very sad) when it finally "hits" D that his big brother isn't home. Then, when J is gone, if I do anything "remotely" fun with D, J feels like he's gotten the shaft and is left out. It's quite annoying but... ??? what can you do?

Right now, laundry, packing, staying warm (it's 46 degrees). Later today... hmm... no clue what we're going to get into!

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