Saturday, March 7, 2009


and I mean it! For the first time in MONTHS I have COMPLETE silence in my home. Both of the boys are gone, the dogs are crashed, it's 12:38 and I'm still in my pajamas and while I should be doing something completely selfish like watching tv while eating bon bons, I'm blogging! :) I love silence! :) It's so refreshing. So what exactly DO I decide to do? Straighten all the crap up that's made its home in organized piles around this place I call a home.

What do I find? Why... proof that my son has no clue as to my sense of humor and hasn't quite reached that age where he comprehends sarcasm. Should I be sad about that? LOL... We went to Half Priced Books a week or so ago to get him a new book. We had a time frame but he cuoldn't make up his mind and when I saw I had 15 minutes until I needed to be at Drew's school before he was out for the afternoon. I simply said, "Time's up, we've got to go."

"But moooooooooooooom, I haven't found a book yet."

He reaches for one that covers rocks and minerals. I remind him that he just received an uber cool one from his Aunt for Christmas.

"Oh yeah, then what about this?" He points to something... that I just won't buy. No idea what it is now.

"No, if you don't have something in mind, we'll just get a book next time."

so I get the sigh and heavy feet behind me as I stroll up the aisle to the check out. While doing so, I pass one of their mini kiosks in one of the wide aisles and it has wooden towers and 4 books on top (one for each side of the square towers) to display. I smiled, chuckled, and said -- dripping with sarcasm, I might add, "OOOOOOOHhhhh, Josh, you need to get THAT book -- the Art of Hula." I kept walking.


When I get to the checkout counter, I realized I'd forgotten my homeschooling card so I was filling out a new application (homeschoolers get 10% discount on books) and wrote my check and was grabbing my books to leave. I get to the car and I go, "What in the world is this? Did YOU get this?"

The Art of Hula was IN MY ARMS?! We'd just bought a freakin hula book.

Josh said, "YOU SAID TO GET IT?!?!"

I said, "I was KIDDING. Well, you better be the best dern hula dancer this side of Hawaii."

He thougth I was serious. Then he got mad and pouted because he didn't catch my sarcasm. I was like, "Josh, it was a $4.50 mistake. I should have paid attention to what was in the pile. I just said that because you couldn't find a book so I was suggesting that one as a joke."

I guess the last laugh's on me since I had to buy it anyway. :)

So, anyone out there want to learn to hula? I've got this GREAT BOOK....

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chksngr said...

DARE double DARE you to teach that child to HULA!!! and video it...and put it on your blog for all of they have a homeschool module on Hawaii????