Thursday, March 19, 2009

I go a walkin....

And I'll give you a dose of the original just in case you're so inclined. :) I love this song!

....but actually, we went walking after 8:30. :) Drew and I started our nightly flashlight walks through the neighborhood looking for spiders. :) (I did a prior post on that HERE so, just if you're inclined to do the same, enjoy!) We had a great time, ran into about 8 neighbors or so...showed a few our little secret and had a great time. :) We must have seen over a hundred just in our yard alone! There are literally THOUSANDS of them in the neighborhood -- FREAKY! I don't think I'll be walking barefood through the grass at night ever... ever again.

We needed to walk after dinner at the Golden Corral (YUM!) :) It's a quarterly treat... and they have my favorite (mashed taters and brown gravy, corn, and FRIED CHICKEN!) YUM-O! :) Don't worry, I got a healthy serving of fresh veggies too - and no dessert. :)

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chksngr said...

LOVE this song...I LOVE THIS SONG!!!