Saturday, August 1, 2009

Disgruntled shopper

That was me, today. I went to Macy's with the intention of buying a cute shirt and some new high heeled sandles for tonight's Rick Springfield concert! :) Well, wouldn't you know it... I got there and looked. I tried on 3 shirts... NO SHIRTS ARE MADE ANYMORE FOR WOMEN WITH BOOBS!


It's SO annoying being a WWB (Woman With Boobage). You can't wear ANY of the cute halter style shirts, most anything cute has to be purchased in a size too large so that it fits your chest but then leaves you frumpy looking. It's just a sad state of affairs I tell ya!

So then I wander over to the shoe section. I had full intentions of purchasing one or two pair of sandles. I left there empty handed. EVERYTHING is so ugly and ghetto and just weird looking. I wanted a heel ... like a cork heel... nothing. Just something casual would be even okay... nothing.

I guess you know you're getting old when you go to Macy's shoe department and leave there empty handed b/c it's all too trendy and ugly for you. The Coach tennis shoes.. OMG are so freakin' ugly it's unbelieveable! And, did you know Jessica Simpson designs shoes? She had the ONLY pair of sandles that I thought were even remotely cute but I still didn't want them.... because they weren't "purchase worthy."

I also went to the Verizon Wireless store today. You know my cute pink Blackberry Curve that I just got on Wednesday? The face is already cracked! :( Can you believe that crap? I have NO idea what happened. I put it in my purse, swung my purse over my shoulder, put it in the car and then went to get it from the car last night... crack? I have no clue what happened. I've NEVER ever ever damaged a phone... EVER! So for this to happen... bizarre! I had to pay a $90 deductible and will be getting a new phone on Tuesday. Lovely.

I also brought in my old phone (my LG enV -- love this phone, by the way) and asked if they could a) get my photos and videos off of it for safe keeping; b) get my ringtones tranferred to my new phone; c) update my software b/c it was so outdated that I wasn't able to send/receive photos, use the navigation system, get my e-mail.... nothing! He got the photos and videos removed from the phone and put on a 2gig memory card which I am about to transfer to my computer for safe keeping! :) He was going to TRY to make the ringtones into sound files and then save those to the memory stick and transfer those over to the new phone TOO BUT...when he was doing the update... the phone fried. SO, I'm ALSO getting a new OLD phone. So I think that will get passed on to someone else that hasn't received a new phone in a while. :)

Now the ultimate decision -- what to wear...what to wear to see MY MAN!?!?!


Amooretto said...

have fun at the concert!!!

chksngr said...

I've struggled with this for years. Even when I weighed a hefty 110 I had a "C cup. I have had many a shirt altered so that I could wear it at the boobs with no stretch, gap, or weirdness and still look like I have a waist. Daisy Fuentes is my favorite brand(from Kohls) becuase she makes clothes with A) a BUTT in them and B) BOOB room. and they still fit my waist (mostly). I'm a fan of low-rise (although not TOO low rise) pants, because then they just fit my hip and I have nothing to worry about with the waist. And I buy almost all Clarks shoes...they have CUTE styles if you can find a full line carrier - its no all clogs anymore! and they make the CUTEST cork heel'd sandals...I LOVE mine.