Friday, August 21, 2009

Rain, finally!

We received some much needed rain this morning from about 5am until now (7:15). I heard Sadie jump down from the chair where she sleeps and pace around. I thought she was, perhaps, needing to go outside until I heard the faint, distant rumbling of thunder. I knew she wanted me to open the bathroom doors and the closet doors so that she could retreat to where she felt safest -- in a corner in the closet (poor dog). I knew Lola would be soon to follow her. She is a FREAK in the rainstorms. So I got up and put them both in the closet and TRIED to go back to sleep -- not successful.

I finally got up at 6:15 to make breakfast - a delicious cinnamon/pecan pull apart bread but by that time a red cell was over us and the power was flickering on and off so I realized that probably wasn't the smartest of ideas. So, here I sit... Drew in the living room constructing Lego figures and the dogs in the closet...thunder still rumbling (the red cell has since moved on and we're in the "green" now)... and no breakfast.

BUT, we needed the rain. :) I started a load of clothes in the dryer, fed the snails (we really need to downsize some of those little suckers -- they're eating too much too fast).

So, thank you, Lord, for the rain...

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chksngr said...

mmmmm....LOVE the rain...especially the one's that make the power go out!