Sunday, October 11, 2009


It's a little chilly outside tonight so I thought -- let's have some CHILI for dinner! I went to Central Market on Saturday with Josh and while he ate his way through the samples offered EVERYWHERE througout the store, I was careful in my choosing. I did pick up a new brand of barbeque sauce and the owner/manufacturer was there promoting it (DELISH!) and then one of the store workers had samples of a chili that you simply add 1# of ground beef to. And, since it's been chilly out -- it just makes me think of stews and chili for dinner so I opted for a taste. It, too, was YUM-O!

Tonight I was able to try it out and it was GOOD! IT's almost disheartening to find a chili in a JAR that tastes pretty much like what you spend all day making to leave simmering in a crock pot for 4 hours.

I used to make my spaghetti sauce from scratch -- from SCRATCH until I tried Prego's Fresh Mushroom... they taste almost the same! Why toil away for hours when I can open a jar? That one, I wasn't too upset over. But for some reason, even though the chili was delicious -- I was kind of sad that it really was reminiscent of mine. Bizarre.

So we're at the table and Drew is in RARE FORM. When he's in such a good mood, there's not much you can do to contain this kid.... he was talking ... and talking.... and talking... and did I mention talking... His entire conversations were salt and peppered with giggles and some reference to a bodily function. I really am not sure it's possible to make it through a conversation at the dinner table without poop, boogers, "gassing", pee or burps coming up SOMEWHERE in the conversation.... I guess this is what it's like being the mother of boys? This wasn't in the manual!

Please don't think I believe this is ... in ANY way, shape or form appropriate behavior or topics for anytime you're at a table but there is nothing I can do to keep the topic FROM turning to this. IT's crazy. We just hope he grows out of it.

And I Hope they start keeping their little butt canons away from me. It's a contest now to see who can pass the most gas in my home. I gently try to remind them that while they feel this is funny... I'm still a lady and you shouldn't do such things in the presence of a lady. Hopefully this will sink in because, frankly, it's just gross to me.

I think this is God's way of showing me how we females truly are superior. :)

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chksngr said...

Ummm...I so get the body functions thing...although my bodily function talk may not be limited to TALK...and its not always limited to the little guy of the house. I'm CERTAIN that it is a reminder from God...CERTAIN, I tell you!!