Thursday, October 22, 2009

Wish lists...

It's about to be "that season." You know... THAT SEASON. The one when every possible manufacturer of some consumer good tears down acres of rainforest to send unwanted catalogs to unsuspecting households all across the country. It's the season of commercialism. It's starting. It's insane.

I will say, however, that I do keep a little group of wish list items tucked away in the back of my mind. Some, I'd love to get for Christmas. Most, I'd just love to get.

There's a new book out that I've added to my list of "must have" books -- It's authored by one of my favorite blogs EVER. A Year of Slow Cooking. It's an entire blog devoted to crock pot cooking! What busy mom can't appreciate a house full of mouth-watering aromas and a warm, hearty meal that you basically had to do nothing to accomplish? You still get the satisfaction of feeding your family without the rush or 5:30 p.m. panic attacks of "what do I make for dinner?" It's an amazing little tool and I just LOVE it! So, that book is now on THE LIST of items I really want!

Other items on my list -- other than, of course, a beautiful farm house on about 20 acres and a grove of pecan trees, maple trees and fruit bearing trees... along with an amazing organic vegetable garden! OK ok ok... OR other than my current "household to do list" to be DONE -- hopefully before February -- that is the big one right now... (interior painting, floors redone, furniture moved around, window treatments)

So wish list items...
  • New car. This is actually a very practical item for me to need/want because with having not two, but THREE kids, I need the ability for one to get in the back seat WITHOUT having to have him crawl OVER the seat and while still having 2 in car seats. Josh and Drew can NOT sit near one another because Drew is just incessently pestering Josh. I see that ending no time soon.
  • The book. Listed above. That's on "the list"
  • Illuminated iron pot rack. There is a place in Canton that makes these and I would LOVE to have one for my kitchen. It's been on my wish list for several years.
  • Digital camcorder. Another item that's been on my wish list for several years. As it stands, I have no way to transfer the recorded images to a DVD without sending the little tapes out for processing (I think it's like $15 each). :(
  • New camera lenses I'd like a macro lens and a really good telefoto lens for my Canon Digital Rebel.
  • Cricut cartridges. I've got a growing list of cartridges I'd love...and hey, who wouldn't want the Gypsy to go along with it?

Honestly, that's all I can really think of that is really on my list. :)

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