Friday, October 9, 2009


So the topic of names has come up... why a lot of people refuse to share because they're afraid someone may "steal" their name is ridiculous to me... so I'll share the few on my mind lately.

Girls: Riley, Taylor, Harper, Meadow, Aspen

Boys: Reagan, Landry, Charlie, Maximus ("Max"), and I have a thing for Dierks as well... just love that name... I also like Zane, Gage and Vincent

So... who know which others will be added to the list... but it's fun coming up with them all. :)


chksngr said...

We were going to name a girl Taylor Rae if we had one...I love the name Gage, but I got overruled.

Amooretto said...

I like all the names you've picked. I can even see some of them swap places from girl to boy and vice versa.