Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Seven years ago today, I met with my best friend and my betrothed at Baylor Grapevine Hospital and was induced... ready to meet the "little" (metaphorically speaking) bundle of joy who had been kicking me in the ribs and throwing my sciatic nerve into conniption fits on an hourly basis...

My doctor, Dr. Cowen, was unable to deliver him so Dr. Neal was doing the delivery. He was sure since this was baby number two for me he'd be out by noon since we began the P-drip at 7am. Drew had other plans. He was warm, comfortable and just down right happy where he was...

After a little while, and an epidural, he decided to make his appearance into the world and, as such, ours has never been the same.

It was a hard recovery... I couldn't expect any less from a nearly 10 pound baby coming from a 5'2" relatively petite woman. But, it was certainly worth it...

We spent the first few days and weeks getting to know one another. Your dad was so afraid he'd break you... little did he know he was really holding a THREE month old instead of a NEWBORN! You were too big for most of the newborn clothes and we went right into the 3 month'ers.

As much as I loved nesting and mothering... nothing was so important as just being there in the moment and being your mom. We didn't have a lot of fancy dinners... because what's a super fancy dinner knowing you wanted to be held? There were certainly dust bunnies on the shelves, dust bunnies in the corners, vacuuming to be done, clothes to be folded, dishes to be washed, but... you know, even though I'd sit and ponder all the chores that were on my usual daily routine... they just didn't matter any longer. You wanted me. I wanted you. I'd spend hours a day just rocking you in the chair and it was pure bliss.

Then, I stared at the amazing beautiful joy you were with your pink skin and pouting lips... and now I stare at these beautiful lash-filled eyes that are expressive and curious.

Then, I stared at these tiny fingers and toes and was amazed at small life... dependent life... and now I stare at how much your feet have grown and am curious at all the places they will take you.

Then, I lingered over the possibilities of your life and now I admire the choices you make independent of me.

You're growing up... faster than I could ever have imagined and in the course of this adventure of your youth I'm both sad and happy, scared and amazed, hopeful and curious...

And even though you don't always like to admit it... I know you'll still always be my baby.


Happy 7th birthday big guy. I hope your day is blessed and that tonight at Legoland you have an absolutely fantastic time. I hope you fill your belly with a delicious hamburger from Fuddruckers and that you just know how very much you're loved.

Today we celebrate YOU!

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