Sunday, July 10, 2011

Wood Badge Thank You...

I wrote this a while back as a way to say thank you to my fellow Scouters who were so... EVERYTHING to me and my Troop while we were attending the course. I thought I'd share with you, in the chance you've experienced Wood Badge and all that it has to offer... if so, you'll know exactly where I'm coming from. What an awesome leadership conference!

How Do You Say Thank You

How do you say thank you to someone who agrees to take time from their life to help a group of complete strangers try to grow to experience their fullest potential as a leader of young men?

How do you say thank you to a great group of men who cook up a mean spread... preparing delicious meals, desserts and snacks to give those in attendance energy to go on?

How do you say thank you to your fellow Scouters who have lent a hand, carried a load, shared a burden or extended themselves on your behalf?

How do you say thank you to someone who has led you... coached you... mentored you but ultimately taught you that you are surrounded by your greatest resource... your fellow Troop 1 members and staff.

How do you say thank you for an experience that has introduced you to people whom I never would have met otherwise or had the pleasure of knowing? How fortunate I feel to share the title of Buffalo patrol member with them.

How do you say thank you for an intense but thorough crash course in so many skills for the sole purpose of making the BSA the most enriching program available for young men today?

...and lastly... how do you say thank you to a group of Wood Badge staffers for a job well done?

Simple. You do your best! You work your tickets and give back to Scouting what Wood Badge has given you... pay it forward... today and always.

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