Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Girl drama

Josh has entered middle school. With that comes the introduction of girls. It's almost comical. Given a little bit of quiet when everyone else is in bed is when we can have some pretty fun chats.

I was helping him tonight with his math -- integers. Adding, subtracting, multiplying positive and negative integers. Fun, fun.

When we're engaged in somewhat trivial matters (teaching/learning) it's easy to crack a joke, lighten the mood and he tends to open up rather than me just saying, "So, spill it about your life."

I don't snoop through much... I will scan text messages and preview e-mail from time to time but I understand privacy and frankly, I don't care to know the details of 6th grade drama. It's stupid.

So he was telling me about a dream he had... in which he was dreaming in his dream... and the second dream was of a tornado. I said, "Oh, if you dream of tornadoes, it means you're in some kind of emotional turmoil so... what's going on?"

He sat there and tried to think of something funny to say... and it led to this girl "Alexis." He calls her the "crazy girl" in school. She's new and is having a hard time making friends because apparently she's going about it all the wrong way. She's fabricating stories, spreading gossip, failing to keep secrets, lying and... you know... being a typical 6th grade girl. Ha!

I've already sat down and told Josh the whole respect schpill. He knows that we are all trying our best every day to fit in with the cards we are dealt and some people just have a hard time conforming to everyone else's idea of "normal" or "cool." Generally, however, most everyone just want to have some friends and not have stupid stress about dumb things. We've talked the whole Biblical talk about how to treat others... respect... yadda yadda yadda... I just have to come to my own defense before someone busts me in the chops on my teaching credentials. However, I have one thing that gives me the upper hand on teaching him about girls.... two x chromosomes. Yeah, the mammaries gives me the upper hand on the introduction to girls...

I explained to him several things tonight - all light-heartedly - but in no uncertain terms I said, "Josh, girls are stupid. They're full of drama. They want to suck everyone into it with them. They can't keep a single secret and if they say they can, they lie."

He started to laugh.

He gets this.

He knows I speak the truth.

He proceeds to tell me about ... how at lunch Alexis had spread a rumor that she and Josh were "going out" and he called her out on it (because it was a lie) and then he didn't return any texts or calls from her (because I confiscated his phone for using it after hours). Which led her to be in a panic mode about Josh.

I think it's funny. Josh did too.

So she's having everyone else at lunch tell Josh she's so sorry. He just laughed and said that he really didn't even care about anything of the situation at all. She looked over and saw him laughing and burst into tears.

He thinks girls are stupid.

He's right.

So this has happened now two days. The second day she goes to tell the principal that Josh is laughing AT her. I find it funny, because the principal actually warned ALL parents about the drama of girls and their roller coaster of emotions before the school year EVEN EVER STARTED! She just laughed and said, "Parents, it's their roller coaster. Don't get on. Just wave at them as they go by and when they're done with the ride, give them a hug and send them to bed."

I just have to laugh. I really do. Especially, because I couldn't agree with the woman more.

Isn't it funny how things so stupid and trivial are the end-all-be-all at that age?

Cracks me up.

We ended the night looking at the hair styles from my 1991 high school year book...

Josh is quite observant of people's look and how HARD some of the girls seem to be trying to be all grown up wearing make up and such and how he thinks it looks like his little brother did it. Or, how they try to do so much to their hair with gel, but leave big globs of it on the side. He thinks that's funny. I like that he isn't all caught up in that stupid crap. He's a good-hearted, down-to-earth kid. I'm lucky.

I like boys.

Girls are stupid.

I don't like drama.

Girls breed drama.

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