Friday, September 23, 2011

Happy Fall Y'All

I can say that now, because it's not only a tad chilly outside but also because it IS the official first day of autumn. This is, hands down, my favorite time of year. I love sweaters and sweats and sweatshirts and long sleeves. I love fires in the fire place and making soups and stews. I love the thought that Halloween is coming and being able to get out all my fall decorations. I love my house decorated for fall. Why I don't just decorate it up all the time is beyond me becuase I really like it much better when it is. I love the start of football season (it's not a joke, I really do.) I love the anticipation of the holidays... Halloween, Thanksgiving and then Christmas. Oh yeah, and my birthday falls in there too somewhere.

This day, however didn't start out too crack-a-lackin'.

Monday we went to a playdate.

Tuesday we got an e-mail from the hostess that her son had tested positive for strep.

I didn't think anything of it becuase he had zero symptoms until last night he had a 101 fever. Some Motrin at 7:40, a snack and a bath and he was off to bed. I did, however, set my alarm for 1:30 to get up and give him another dose. It helped him sleep until 6:30 when he woke up with a 104.0 fever. YIKES!

That prompted me to wake up Andy so he could give him a bath (yes...even though he'd had one just 13 hours earlier), to get his temperature down becuase I was in the middle of making him his favorite breakfast.... Andy, not Ben.... Why? Because today is also Andy's birthday.

(For the record, I did manage to get the "Happy Birthday" banner that we hang up for everyone up on the wall.

What a way to wake up on your birthday, huh? A screaming, sick, feverish baby that you have to go bathe... all before you're even awake.

I got breakfast finished and in the oven. The boys came down. Ben came down...he was in a better mood (thankfully) and much cooler. He sat and ate some cantaloupe.

I got everyone and myself ready and we were all out the door. I was doing carpool duty for Andy this morning.

8am on the nose, I was on the phone with the doctor's office. I got an 8:30 appointment and the diagnosis -- strep. Boo!

He's napping now but as soon as he wakes up... we're off to pick up a prescription. Gotta get that baby healed!

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