Sunday, September 11, 2011


Drew has entered the world of Cub Scouts. And with Cub Scouts comes the popcorn fundraiser! So, now, he's embarking on a new stage in life -- door-to-door sales. And he's quite the adorable little man. We only had ONE man turn him down (I think he was just po'd because the Steelers lost).

Today, I got to sleep late (which happens like maybe twice a month) and it was wonderful. I woke Ben up about 9:30 am and shortly thereafter my dad showed up. He came to help secure Josh's two new bookshelves together and to drill some holes to hide the cords to things in it.

Andy was like a kid at Christmas. You do know that today was opening day for NFL, right? Ok, I thought so.

I ordered pizza for lunch. It took too long to get here so Ben had to go down before it arrived. The boys ate (not me. I'm dieting. I'm officially 5.5 pounds down in 2 weeks. Yea me!)

Andy ate and left to watch the afternoon (3ish) games.

Ben was down for a nap. He woke. I fed him and then Drew and I went to beat the streets again selling popcorn. It was a tad warm out today. I'm ready for fall! Bleh!

We got hot and thirsty so we headed back home. Andy was home shortly thereafter. Dinner was pretty much whatever you wanted to make yourself. Bath time and bed time!

I cleaned the kitchen, got most of the laundry done... and then I started thinking of the simple little things that made me happy today.

Today, while washing dishes, I looked over across the living room and saw Lola sitting in a chair just looking up at me with her little ears back and it made me smile. I love her. I love how she just loves to be near me and how she needs to snuggle with me to sleep well at night. :)

I watched Ben playing in a closet with Drew's wall-mounted remote controlled light-saber that is (obviously) not mounted on the wall YET (Andy's supposed to have done that months ago).

I smiled because I got to spend time one-on-one with Drew... well, not really one on one but Ben wasn't in the middle of it all interrupting everything since he was in the stroller...and frankly, I NEVER get that kind of time with Drew so it was really cool.

I smiled because as Josh got up to go to bed at 8:55 p.m. I told him thatI hope we can sit down and talk sometime soon. He said, "About what?" I said, "You know, I don't really care but the last two days you've had your face planted in your phone, your computer or the television and frankly I miss talking to you." He made a silly face and walked down to sit on the couch and talk with me... I just pointed and said, "TO BED." He laughed and said he loved me and walked up stairs.

I smiled when Andy just popped out of bed this morning, got his shower, ran errands.... and pretty much disappeared for the day... because this is his fun time of year.

I've resolved, I'm not going to let anything about the whole football widow stigma get me down. I'm not planning my life nor living it around football. If the boys and I want to do something on Sunday, by golly, we're just going to do it. I don't mind watching ONE game but I can't sit on my ass for 8 hours and do nothing.... but watch television. I'd go MAD! Seriously, I would.

I smiled because my dad thought it was important enough to brace those two pieces of furniture together even if it wasn't a big deal. He even brought is own drill and electric screwdriver. (Smart man.)

I smiled because my mom had Drew call her to sell her some of his popcorn. So cute.

I smiled because Drew knows if he gets to the $400 level the $65 reimbursement coming to him is going to be donated in his name to the families in Bastrop, Texas who've lost everything and NOT going toward some Lego something.... and he's totally okay with doing that. He said he wants to raise more money in donations to send the most popcorn to our soldiers! How awesome is he?

I smiled because today.... while a tragedy of an awful event... it brings our country together for a united cause.

God bless America.

I find strength in saying that....

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