Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The List

I posted pictures this morning to my Facebook account of these amazingly beautiful, serene bungalows perched atop stilts over clear, turquoise ocean waters. Most were in Bora Bora (Yes, I had to look it up on the map to even see where it was).

It's an amazing sight. Take a little look-see:
It's an amazing experience, I am sure.

It's also amazingly expensive (this I know). These coastal beauties start out at $1,700 per night without airfare, food, transfers, etc. But, oh, aren't they dreamy?

I will add it to the list, regardless. It may not be those bungalows that I stay at but... it'll happen. You see, it's now, on "the list".

I have one -- a bucket list, that is. Albeit a small one. I have one. Yes, I do.

I think it's important to keep sight of your dreams and goals... and even some hopes and crazy ideas along the way. Otherwise, what's the purpose in living life? I refuse to stagnate and just "do" because it has "to be done." Status quo has never been a easy pill for me to swallow. There is absolutely no enjoyment in that. Life is to be lived and savored... appreciated and gifted.

Whatever needs to get done, obviously, will get done because life goes on, but why not enjoy the journey along the way by doing whatever necessary to make it memorable.

But then... you know, I have to analyze things. I'm cooky like that sometimes.

While that may be a "dream vacation," it's not my ideal vacation.

Anyone that knows me knows that my "motherland" isn't the lapping waves of some remote, tropical getaway, but the crisp air in the mountains. I prefer my hiking boots to a bikini and a campfire to candlelight dinners over white linen table cloths.

If I can't have that, then I'd definitely love to be in a cabin... in the mountains (of course).

Because, you know, that never leaves the list... been there, done that, want to keep doing it again.

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