Tuesday, September 1, 2009

New school year begins

I have to upload my photos (bad mommy) of Drew's first day last week. :) It's confusing for him becuase we're calling this his "kindergarten" where, in reality, he's going to skip kindergarten all together. He will leave his current school and go to a D-1 course (Developmental First) so this IS kind of like his K level courses. :) I know he'll do fine. The kid is bright!

Josh started classes yesterday. We're using an eclectic approach to school this year and have a combined curriculum from many places. In a way it's a headache but I feel that the areas that I differed from each curriculum, I'm giving him the best of what they all have to offer.

Seventeen days and we leave for the mouse house! WOO HOO

I didn't post my Menu Plan Monday BUT I will post what I'm making tonight! :) Im making a new recipe that I threw together! Ha! I got chicken breasts and cut them into tenders and covered both sides with about 3/4 of a package of mild taco seasoning. Then, I covered all of the strips with a jar of medium pace picaunte sauce (yum!) I just put foil on it and put it in the oven. I will serve it over a bed of Spanish rice mixed with a little corn and black beans that have had pico de gallo stirred in (another, YUM). I also just threw together some Mexican cornbread. I say "threw together" because, I have no idea how to make this stuff! I just wanted some. Call it a craving. :) LOL... I used a couple of boxes of jiffy corn mix, a couple eggs, 2/3 cup milk, some canned green chilis, some canned corn (don't have cream corn which is what you typically use), and some sugar. I guess we'll see how it turns out. LOL... But hey, even if it's bad... I bet it's still good...cornbread and green chilis... you can't go wrong there! :)

Mary, how's Vegas? Christa, you gonna come see me in Disney? Felecia, how ya feeling?

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chksngr said...

TIRED, DARNIT!!! lol...

How are you feeling???

Is homeschooling energizing or confusing or what???

On of my other friends says that detailed lesson plans were a MUST for her otherwise she wouldn't know which end was up...I'm still considering this whole process...of course I'd have to find a way to earn money while at home...sigh...:-0