Thursday, June 16, 2016

Thursday 13

I've never not had music in my life.  It's always been the way to put emotion into words when there were none.  Music can bring you down.  Music can buoy your spirits.  It saves, it savages.  It's pretty powerful stuff.  Music moves.  Words are powerful.  Words set to music... it's some good stuff people!

My playlists are plentiful but there are 13 songs I love right now.

1) Justin Timberlake, Can't Stop The Feeling
It's catchy, it's feel-good.  I love him.  I love to dance.  I love to sing.  It's just super great! I can't stop the feeling I get when this song comes on.  If you see me and it's on, I'll be dancing in my car.  Believe me when I say that I don't give a shit what you think about that.  You need to loosen up and live a little.  

2) Hinder, All American Nightmare
While I'm not a fan of the video because I think the featured bad girl overdoes absolutely everything to the point of it just being ridiculous, I adore this song.  Plus, it makes me want to drive fast.  Really fast.  Plus, it's traditional bad ass party rock and roll. April likey.

3) Rob Thomas, Hold On Forever
I love Rob Thomas.  I love his style. I love his voice. I love his talent.  I love him in Matchbox 20.  This song, too, speaks to me... It's one of those great matches where the videographer successfully captured the essence of the song in his vision for the video in a way where others can relate.  

4) Florida Georgia Line with Nelly, Cruise
This is complete corn-ball "country."  (Notice how I put country in quotes? That's because this IS NOT country but it's called country.  Trust me, I know the difference.)  However, it IS FUN and that's why it's on my list!  Plus, I love Nelly so it's just a fun song to blare on the radio and drive to.  (Oh, and don't forget the dancing!  You must dance in the car when you spill Nelly lines!)

5) Shinedown, Sound of Madness
Another rock and roll staple in my scream-it-at-the-top-of-your-lungs-play-it-as-loud-as-you-can repository.  The video fucking rocks, too!  Shinedown are badass.

6) Hunter Hayes, I Want Crazy
Hunter looks like he's all of about 16 years old (maybe) but this is just the absolute sweetest song ever.  And, face it, who doesn't want that kind of love?  I want crazy!

7) Sugarland, Stuck On You
Jennifer Nettles is completely adorable in this video.  It cracks me up.  Again, it's more "pop" than country although it's played on country stations... it's still fun!  I like fun.  Fun is good.  

8) Three Doors Down, Here Without You
This is just a beautiful song that speaks to my heart.  I'll leave it at that.

9) The Calling, Wherever You Will Go
This song was definitely one that got me through losing someone very close to me. I still can't read the lyrics without my eyes flooding.  Some holes I suppose are never supposed to be filled; some breaks in your heart may never mend.  

10) A Thousand Years, Christina Perri
I never saw the movie Twilight.  In fact, I never ever read the books even.  However, when I heard this song and was telling a friend about it she had said OH MUH GARSH -- it's from the Twilight series!  I wasn't sure if I should still like it then.  Ha!  However, it's beautiful. It's timeless.  Her voice is amazing.  You can't not like this song.  

11) Elvis Presley, Jailhouse Rock
Dude, it's Elvis.... I could have filled this entire LIST with Elvis songs that I love.  But I didn't.  However, since he's THE KING, he definitely has a place in my 13!

12) Frankie Ballard, Sunshine & Whiskey
I love this song.  I'm not a fan of sunshine...but he makes it sound so good that you have to like it.  ;) You don't wanna get a DWK... 

13) Bon Jovi & Jennifer Nettles, Who Says You Can't Go Home
This is another fun sing-a-long songs. Truth be told, I had never seen the videos before today but I love it!  I especially love how he incorporated the Habitat for Humanity crew. Too fun. Always been a fan of Bon Jovi... cause, you know.. he wants me to lay my hands on him as he lays me down in a bed of roses.  ;)


Heather said...

What would life be without music? Especially love numbers 10 and 13 here, and THANK YOU for not including Bieber. Thanks for visiting! :D

CountryDew said...

I love music too, but tend to listen to my generation (1970s and early 1980s) with the exception of Melissa Etheridge and Sheryl Crow (though not her country stuff). I listen to the newer songs on the radio and some I really like but very few make it into my playlists. Too sorry to look for them, I guess.

colleen said...

I loved the Sugarland video, so catchy and will check out the Rob of Matchbox 20 fame.

jennifer anderson said...

I am so behind in my music

Novroz said...

Thank you for the recommendation...I only knew five of them.

Alexis AKA MOM said...

I love music also. I'm so behind on all of these artist, lol