Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Clubhouse Playdate

I met Erica and Zane at The Clubhouse for Kids Only in Bedford for a playdate. Also invited Heather, a mom I met off Mamasource that is new to Keller. We had a great time for about two hours... until Drew hit that whiney zone from expending too much energy and not enough food. I'd never SEEN so many kids there. There were several area day cares on "field trips" there that day... it was freakin CRAZY! The little guys that are between 20 months and 4 years old just don't stand a chance to those older kids running on fruit juice and donuts! Josh was really good watching out for Drew...they spent most of their time hiding in the bottom of the tree house.

Erica looks so adorable -- she's having a little girl and is about 5 months along.... starting to show (BARELY!) but she's so cute!

Zane... jsut has the teeniest of bumps... pregnant too.. they're finding out what they're having soon. She looked adorable too though!

Nothing else to report. :)

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