Thursday, July 20, 2006

Lunch, Pictures and Meetings

I took the boys to Mi Cocina after my sister-in-law asked for us to go with them for lunch (they were in town from Houston)... I knew Laura was going off to college soon, Mande starting school and who knows when we'd see them again so of course, we went. Drew had a great time at first... trying on Mimi's reading glasses. They had little red frames and he thought he was the cutest thing. Kept asking for "bip"... (chips)... ordered him a quesadilla... Josh some nachoes (Drew ate about 1/2 his lunch)... I think Josh ate 1 or 2 nachos. For a growing boy, he sure don't eat much. I had some enchiladas -- yum-o! :) It was so miserable stinking hot...walking back to the car I almost thought I'd locked my keys inside. BLECH!

Home for naps... then we went to JC Penney's to get the boy's pictures taken! The room we went in -- the camera broke the second we were there (when drew was actually in a good mood and ready to say CHEEEEEEEZE)... so we had tdo wait and after that he wasn't much fun. Josh is in the stage of the fake smiles... so I really didn't get good pictures of him for turning 7 ... but I ordered one of the shots anyway. I got a few more of Drew... he looked quite the little charmer! Most I bought were in sepia. Love that!

I hate how grainy they look on their proof page though. Kind of sucks because you can't really make out some of the shots... otherwise, I'd have bought more of JOsh... couldn't tell if one was a smile or a snarl....

After that, I went to a GCSML Planning Meeting at Amy Vermillion's house. It was quite lovely....lasted about 3 1/2 hours. There were some good nibbles there! Some people also brought some decadent desserts -- I passed on those and just grabbed a few pretzels, celery, etc. I drank Diet Coke too (big mistake b/c couldn't sleep later).

Was glad to get home and get in bed to just go to sleep. I've been so tired lately...something going on w/my bod... gotta get it checked out.

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