Friday, July 21, 2006

What a bunch of CROP

It's Friday... it's Friday. (doing the happy dance) I'm going to a crop at Recollections organized by another scrapper in my neighborhood. I'm quite excited. Got the boys up and ready ... me packed... fed kids again... (taco bell -- make it a quick lunch)... dressed and to Adventure Playcare they went! I was so excited to get there and get working on my projects (finished both of them by the way! WOO HOO).... then 6 pm rolls around and the rest of the gang starts showing up. I recognized 2 of them. Then I asked and they were all in the neighborhood playgroup. I kind of made a face because it really makes me sad that the organizer won't let me back "in". I WAS in the playgroup -- or on the mailing list for it -- but it was when Drew was still taking 2 naps a day. Unfortunately, most of their activities were during his naptime so I didn't go. When he was able to, however, I did attend. Then I just stopped receiving the newsletter. I asked why and was told that if you don't come to the events you're out -- without warning, just deleted from the list. So I asked to be put back on the list and still have never received anything. So, I e-mailed the special groups coordinator and asked why it's for the moms in our HOA if you're really not allowed unless she wants you on the list? Is it my fault that things were organized during the times that my kid naps? No...but why am I not allowed to try to make the events that I can? She agreed with me and said she'd talk to the organizer and see about getting me back on the list? I'd asked... I don't understand why I'm being singled out and given such ill-will over a stupid mailing for a play group? Why? Isn't it hard enough trying to find entertainment for preschoolers alone... moms find strength in numbers... why is she trying so hard for me to not feel a part of the group? What have I done to offend her that she won't find the time to add my e-mail address to a group distribution list? It just seems so petty to be like this. I simply want my son to know some kids in his neighborhood. I don't see how that's too much to ask? What if a mom had a baby and couldn't come to events for 3-4 months? Or just had surgery? What if whe was put on bedrest? She going to just drop her too and disregard her requests to rejoin?

Does she jsut have it out for me? The coordinator called one of her friends that was attending the crop and she asked her specifically if I was there. Why would she care if I was there? Is she concerned I'm going to bad mouth her to her friends? I'd never do that. I do feel I've been unjustly ousted but I've got better things to do than talk about someone behind her back to her friends....that's kind of juvenile.

I did say (and did mean and hope) that I wished she'd been there so that I could have talked to her and asked to be "un kicked out of the playgroup"... they were like ? you were kicked out? And I said, well, my name was removed because most of the events were during Drew's nap time but we've changed his naptime now so I can be involved but she won't add me back to the list.

I"m not trying to stir up anything but I don't see how you can have an organization that is FOR the entire HOA's moms and their children and NOT let all the HOA moms and their children participate unless they come to the amount of items YOU feel they should? That, to me, sounds like a personal playgroup and not one for the HOA. It's not fair and I don't see why I'm being singled out.

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