Sunday, July 23, 2006

Wow what a day!

My dad is such a wise man... has noble quotes... noble thoughts... good deeds... no short tongue... and once he said, "You choose how you respond to a bad situation. People don't make you angry, you have to choose to react that way." Well, today, I was PISSED STRESSED over-done and just UNGH ready to collapse!

Drew woke up on the wrong side of the crib this morning. WHat's so sad, however, is that he knows now when he does something and will say "saah-eee mommie" or if he has an odd request like handing you the plate before he's taken a bite because it doesn't particularly suit his palette... he will spout out "keh-koo mommy" (thank you mommy). And I guess that's supposed to make it all better. I'll have to admit, however, that it IS awful cute!

So, get the little guy up... get him fed... get my life going... he just whines and cries and screams and pouts... starts hitting his brother... and throwing things. You name it, it's been done today. I finally got sick of listening to the whine.... so I started to vacuum. LOL... nothing like drowning out the shrills of little people with a big ole Hoover Windtunnel! :) Works every time. Until you go to do the play closet and your oldest (Josh 7) is grabbing his head crying. So I shut off the deafener only to hear him whining because he got whacked with a buzz lightyear on the head by none other than the little slugger himself -- Drew. Oh the drama! I'm ready for them to be able to just duke it out so I can get out of the middle of it. I tried telling Josh... if he does something and we're not around to take care of it for you, you say no...get up and leave. Let him know that if he does things like that his fun (that would be YOU here son) goes away. Eventually he will grasp the concept that he can't hit people. But Josh, too, was a hitter...

Lunch... what a joke... he wouldnt' touch a thing on his plate... popcorn shrimp. He chewed the breading off of one and put the little shrimp over to the right side of his tray. He was more concerned that they were on his NEMO plate than whether or not he chose to dine. So, he drank a sippy cup of "buh buh buh" juice (we call it vegetable juice -- it's actually a V8 fruit/vegetable juice). I'm trying to get him to realize that buh buh buhs aren't a bad creature...they're actually good...see.. you ahve buh buh buh juice... why can't you EAT a buh buh buh. But alas, he just refuses to eat anything. It's probably the single most aggravating thing ever. Having a picky eater is not what I signed up for. I feel like my mom card is going to be revoked at any minute.

What he will eat.... cereal -- prefers it dry mostly. If you give him Lucky Charms, he'll pick out all the marshmellows and ask for "mo" (more)... unless you help him scoop up marshmellows AND cereal...then he'll eat it. He likes waffles -- usually. Lately, however, he hasn't been finishing those either. He won't eat pancakes, french toast, sausage, cheese toast, eggs or oatmeal.

Lunch.... Dinner... pretty much the same thing around here. Chicken nuggets and french fries. Staple in our diet. peanut butter and jelly -- but they have to be the Smuckers Uncrustables. He's finally starting to eat grape jelly. For a while, it was only strawberry. He DID eat about 75% of an Arby's Jr. roast beef the other day. He USED to eat popcorn shrimp but today he wanted to simply set them free. He won't eat fish sticks, sandwiches (though from time to time you can get him to eat a grilled cheese). He will eat a quesadilla and a bean burrito from Taco Bell.... and I've seen him eat a cheese burger once.. not all of it... but that's it... not a vegetable to save his life.

TOday was also grocery day -- Wal-Mart...walk in the door and what does he do? SCREAM FOR COOKIES at the bakery. Now this is AFTER he KNOWS he won't get anything else to eat at home b/c he hasn't eaten anything all day (his lunch went untouched but he sucked down the ENTIRE cup of buh buh buh juice before I realized he was doing that and filling up on liquids). So, of course, we can't break tradition, to the cookies we went... only to have him be a toot and throw one on the floor and then scream because he can't have it back -- -would YOU eat off a Wal-Mart floor? I didn't think so.

Did I mention he likes to sing now..??? sing/scream.... he tried out his opera lungs at Wal-Mart this evening..and of course, once I get to the check out aisle... I realze I have forgotten the one thing we were eating for dinner tonight. UGH! It's been THAT kind of day.

Tomorrow Josh has his week long summer camp at Lake Grapevine and I'm looking forward to my dr's appointment on Tuesday to get myself healthy and checked out. Drew WILL be a better kid tomorrow... if not, I can always lock him in the toy closet right?


I'm ready for my life to get back to normal...trying to entertain the "I'm boreds" 24/7 is getting very old!

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