Tuesday, April 8, 2008

And the Oscar goes to....

DREW! This little man is learning to work it... turning on those croc tears. I remember when Josh was like that so couple his no nap at school with his 30 minute powernap in the car while Josh was in guitar practice... then running non stop when he got home... then throw on that tripping and getting a teenie little scrape on his knee that drew blood...

I mean, he was SO upset. I said, "You're okay, that's just a little scratch" (imagine a large paper cut perhaps, nothing more???) And seriously, it WAS... BUT it drew blood so it's the same as a severed limb in his book -- and he replies very matter of factly without tears and drama, "It's not a scratch, it's a boo boo." I'm like, well, we need to wash it off. NO BATH NO BATH NO BATH. Perhaps I should remind you the first time he fell and scraped his knee, he didn't WALK For THREE DAYS... we had to carry him everywhere... it was the most absolute pathetic display of .... THAT I've ever seen! It was just remarkable the lengths he went to just to avoid moving that knee... it was so sad... seriously.. the kid would NOT walk... he would crawl with the leg immobile. He tried to start doing that with me and I was like... nope, you need a bath come on lets get up the stairs so I let him walk himself up the stairs so he could see it wouldn't hurt him.

Oh it was so sad... he was so tired (like me now...) So remember, he was already tired ... this is the child that NEVER sleeps in the car for fear he may miss something interesting ... he passed the heck out on a 15 minute car ride to Josh's guitar lessons... so I knew this evening we were in for some major drama... and he didn't fail to deliver. This kid needs an oscar. soooooo b/c of the golden globe performance, he shall wait until tomorrow to get the fruit of his stirring labors.

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