Tuesday, April 29, 2008

High School Reunions

I communicate fairly regularly with my great aunts (my mother's aunts from her mother's side of the family). It's so interesting to hear them speak of their childhoods and all the stories from when my grandmother was a child. My memory sucks which is why I have this to rely on to tell my kids their stories... becuase if it were up to me I'd just say "oh you had a glorious childhood frolicking in the fields blowing dandilions into the breeeze and chasing rainbows"

BWA HA HA HA HA... yeah right ...

So I get an e-mail from my Aunt Carol and she tells me that she went with her sister to her 60th high school reunion. WOW... I just can't even imagine doing that... or living that long! Ha!

It got me thinking to my high school reunions. I didn't go to the 5 year because hey... at 5 years who really cares. So then the 10 year rolled around and of course I wanted to go see everyone and say hi just to see what was up. I was single, skinny, lookin cute so why not right?! The night before we had a mixer at Cool River (a snob bar in Las Colinas). That was actually fun. A great song came on and I drug someone onto the dance floor to dance with me... it wasn't 15 minutes after the song was over that the stupid rumors started to fly and girls were coming up to me asking me if I was dating him... blah blah blah... I'm like... GOOD GAWD can't I dance without sleeping with someone?! It was just like... I'm BACK IN HIGH SCHOOL. It was just so freakin stupid I wanted to just punch someone.

So the next night is the "official reunion" at a hotel conference room. It was a) overprice b) crappy food c) kinda sucky DJ d) cheezy I just didn't "get it"... it was just a complete waste of time to me. There was one girl that was honestly one of my best friends and I did not even recognize her when she walked in the door ... I had NO CLUE who she was... she was THAT big (and wearing a wig).... I felt horrible that I didn't recognize her... There were a few that looked exactly the same (and that wasn't a bad thing)...but one of the true clinchers of the night that made it all worth it to me was seeing that one of the hunky jocks from school had not only lost his hair but he also got fat. And I'm not talking a couple of pounds... I'm talking... very large man... That's just a karma thing biting him in the butt right there...

So I'm talking about this to my aunt and she was telling me all this greatness about going... running into people and catching up but I really just think things were different back then... there probably weren't over 400 people in her graduating class either. I think what I ultimately think about the whole situation was that just because I shared air space with these people for 4 years doesn't make them my friend anymore than standing in the produce aisle makes me an avacado. The pettiness, the same ole same ole attitude, who wants that? If I wanted to stay in contact with these people, I would have. The fact that I don't is a choice that I made because:
a) we have nothing in common
b) they annoy me just as much now as they did then
c) they annoy me MORE now than they did then or
d) all of the above

The overwhelming majority will certainly fall into the "d" category.

There are people, however, that I've wondered what happened to... not necessarily from my class but just from my past...

JV (sometimes also Javy) Jackson - heard he got hooked on crystal meth and just lost it -- turned into prostitution to support his habit -- lost his teeth -- married someone from school and she has his kid but he's never seen it

Nicole Hussain - my mom ran into her a loooong time ago and gave me her name on a piece of paper that I stuck in my pocket but I washed it...LOL

Kenny Heflin - heard he got married and moved to Oklahoma

Tonja Rae... she changed her last name... don't know the new one but red head chicka that

Daniel Smith - heard he went to the pen for 3 DWI's but that was like 6 year or more ago.

I wonder.... I wa wa wa wa wonder....


Greta Adams said...

that is EXACTLY why i went to my high school reunion as well...i wanted to laugh and make fun of the bitches who thought their shit didn't stink to see them all fat and slobby....and the jocks as well.... most still looke dthe same + a few pounds but some of them were just a damn mess....'s a fabulous thing

Tara James said...

hey april- it is a very small world! i actually live in Hidden Lakes as well- over in the Preserve. Your name sounds familiar but I can't place why. yes, i'm a big scrapper, which is kind of sad, since we now have NO scrapping stores left! and i love bad girls... I started subscribing after Recollections closed. anyway, so glad you messaged. ~tara

The Mosy Scrapper said...

Love the story!! For would have to be "d"...all of the above!! :)

Anonymous said...

I missed my 10 year reunion. I enjoyed reading your post. My Papa who is well into his 70's still attends them. I think it's the highlight of his life! He loves them. He has one every year (as he says, for the graduates that are still alive!!)