Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Honk Honk rasp Bark Bark

Yes, that is the sound I woke up to this morning. Baby Drew -- the child who has NEVER had a sickness in his life -- woke up HONKING when he took a breath. A trip to the doctor's office confirmed croup. That's what I get for taking him to Mc-freakin-Donalds! It's like.. Do you want a burger, shake and a side of croup with that?" UGH. I should have known better than to let him go through the tubes but he was SO excited because no one was there -- we had the play area all to ourselves on Monday... things are never what they seem in those places... it's like a giant germ petri dish inside those tubes I'll bet. All those lazy moms that won't keep their kids in when they're coughing, hacking, runny noses...they still take them out and get everyone else infected with their filth...UGH.. drives me crazy! So, now an oral steroid for 5 days and hopefully we'll still be able to make the trip for Turkey Day!

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