Sunday, November 6, 2005

The little man

Well, to spend some time focusing on the little man today -- Drew. What a wonderfully bright and energetic little spirit. A funny quirk of his is that when he walks, it's like he's always falling. I guess that's why he's a toddler. He must be in constant motion. Curly blonde locks in the back that I dare not cut! Yes, he's a boy and I dress him as such but I can't bring myself to cut those off. He loves Little Gym on Tuesdays but that's only because once he's spent about 10 minutes playing, he gets to run to the closet and say "bah" (ball)... he wants to get the balls out and play. He has a small but ever-growing vocabulary...

bah - ball (first word)
mah mah - that'd be me
dah dah - doggie
kah kah - cracker (this stands for any crunchy food)
soss (sounds like sauce) - for socks... it can be for booties and shoes too... pretty much anything that goes on his feet. :)
nah nuh - banana
touch - touch -- this is because I let him touch the fringe on our lamps upstairs every day and now if you pass anything with fringe he wants to touch.
bi bi - bye bye
meh - milk
emma - Elmo
tah kah - Tiger -- Andy was letting him watch golf and shows him Tiger Woods yesterday. He was like a little parrot

He knows sign language for milk so he usually does that for milk and doesn't say it.

A newly acquired talent is from watching the Wiggles. Yes, I do sit through and endure an episode of the Wiggles (well, at least 10 minutes of it) daily. They do a song where they sing "Quack Quack Quack Quack Quack Cock-a-doodle-do" and have these little hand motions that go with it (kind of like the chicken song done at lame wedding receptions) and he likes to make like he has little wings and flap them. It's very cute indeed!

He likes to dance by squatting up and trying to jump -- usually by landing right on his bum. He loves the dogs -- even though he's generally chasing them around the house with things to poke them. Books are a treasured commodity in this house! he loves the ones that have movement and pop up. Board books are good chew toys we've discovered.

And, his latest love -- ELMO! :)

More later!

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