Thursday, November 10, 2005

Puberty at 32?

Ok... so my face broke out in ONE spot. I should just forget about it right? NO! I just don't get break outs and when they do occur, I'd rather hide in a cave until they disappear! I am so thankful for my genes in that I've always had good skin. Mom - Dad...thanks!

Today was a typical day. Josh was supposed to have soccer skills training but he didn't -- because I didn't take him. I had an afternoon-napless kid that was entering melt-down zone along with picking up shards of glass from my floor -- yes the maid who conveniently didn't tell me she broke my crystal sugar bowl lid and didn't bother to clean up the floor afterwards? I'm like hello -- you've SEEN my two children running around barefoot in here. The very LEAST you could do is vacuum. I swear having a language barrier is a real booger sometimes. I think if you're IN America -- and you want to work in a SERVICE industry -- speak the freakin language. Is that really too much to ask? Oh, and that she keeps calling Drew... Alex? LOL... I'm like... hey.. check your alter ego at the door, Maria... this is Drew... D - R - E - W. I do try so hard to be compassionate with these that come here and do jobs that no one else will do... but come ON there has GOT to be some give somewhere!

My best friend Christie is making me a monster rock cd. I'm really looking forward dto that. She just turned THIRTY THREE! Yikes... I hate being in my thirties. I never thought that I'd be one to really detest aging but I do. I mean, you get wringles, things don't stay where God put them. Aging is a cruel joke. You need money to laugh back (so you can get your ass lifted back to where it's supposed to be!).

I'm doing great with the baby weight loss thing now that I'm able to win the battle of the will power in my mind. Why is that little freakin devil sitting on my shoulder all the time going "snack snack snack"... finally I kicked his horny little butt and I've lost over 15 lbs! :) I've got about another 15-20 to go and I'll be happy with me again. Well, that and a tan... and some extensions LOL... just kidding (about the extensions)... I'd love my hair to be long again... and to be COMFORTABLY back in my size 6's again.... my day is coming...and I will NOT put on that Holiday 10 everyone talks about. :) I'm going to be THE ONE that continues to lose during the holidays... you watch.

Santa... I'm asking Santa this year for my CKU classes in Atlanta. I'm so excited to go!!! : ) That and an OTT light for my scrap room... AND... (I know, isn't that enough)... peace on earth (HA!)... where's my freakin tiara! just kidding... and... oh there was somethign else... Oh yeah, a complete Demdaco nativity set. Well, at least a piece or two so I can START the darn thing. :) I've bid on so many of those on e-bay only to get outbid and it really sucks!

I've gotta go bathe a little guy... he's talking into a microphone right now...and then going ultrasonic...sounds kind of like a little howler monkey. I'll get it on cd one of these days... my luck it'd be some babboon mating call and they'd all swarm! lol.


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