Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Busta Move

At gymnastics tonight I SO wish I had a camcorder! Not only did Josh climb the rope to the TOP of the gym (getting a blister in the meantime) but Drew gave me THE biggest laugh ever!

This is a new class for both boys at a new time with new teachers on a new day. Are you following my drift here? Typically at the gym they have music going over the speaker system that just helps keep the tempo up and gives us parents something to listen to (gotta love it when they are playing 80's music for 3 and 4 year olds! ha ha)

So Drew is at his third station. They have two orange cones set up with a jumprope through the holes. The kiddos can adjust the rope to their desired height and jump it. It teaches them to jump UP and use their arms for momentum. So it's Drew's turn, the music isn't on, the line of kids in his class (4 deep) is behind him, the teacher is standing at the cones and then someone does something amazing (to Drew anyway). They turn ON the music. Drew is about to leap forward over the rope but upon hearing the music tilts his ear to the sky, claps his hands, pokes his elbows out to either side and starts DANCING. The parents erupt into laughter... and he claps not once... but TWICE... and three year olds just really can't dance... it's more like a huncha-squat-thing. It was hilarious. It was something reminicent of Elaine Benis from Seinfield trying to start the momentum on the dance floor at the J. Petermen Catalog company party... I was oh so proud. LOL

Want to see her version? Ha... check it out. OK.. so Drew wasn't QUITE so... seizure looking but it was just as funny!

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