Monday, September 24, 2007

My dangling participle

Isn't that just the funniest term? Seriously though, typically when the button is depressed for the garage door to begin it's slow, creaky ascent to the top of the track, Drew will typically put a finger on it or just stand in awe of the huge door opening to reveal an entire driveway just waiting for the Power Ranger run to the grass. Today, however, he chose a different direction for me to witness... Let me set the stage.

Hands full, button pressed with the only free finger, walk to the car door, struggle to open it and keep my business balanced so that I could easily stack everything I needed to on the front seat without anything falling to the ground only to wind up in the puddle created by the condensation of the air conditioning - without anything falling to the front seat floorboard - without my purse slipping off my shoulder thus knocking my neatly arranged piles of "stuff" to the floorboard thus tipping my purse spilling the contents into the aforementioned water puddle. I was carefull, quickly arranging. Then you hear that weird tone "muuuuh..... mommma.... mmmmmm" ??? I was like... what the!


Of course, the first words out of my mind "OH SH@#" I was hoping nothing was crushed or ??? caught or something. No, he'd just decided to hang onto the door and take a ride up. Of course, I rushed to his rescuse, making sure he's okay (a little scared, I could tell). Then trying to tell him how we don't do that, I burst into laughter. And I could NOT stop. It was laugh or cry. Adrenaline kicked in and me, not being an adrenaline junkie at all, just could NOT contain the laughter -- to the point of of course, he thinks this is hilarious now.... how DO you discipline a child that now thinks riding the garage door is entertainment for mom? Ugh...

At least he forgot what I'd said and just laughed... hopefully he wont do it again... I doubt I'll be that lucky (and I'm just thankful he's a skinny little runt and didn't break the stinkin garage door motor!)


PhotosbyGK said...

OMG - I can't believe he did that. I have to admit, I'm glad I have a girl. LOL

Nina said...

APRIL :O oh my goodness. I can see the scene wonderfully by your description. Good luck with stopping the entertainment. Maybe you need to find some kids garage door safety video...or better yet enroll him in AJA (Adreneline Junkies Annonomous). My sister did things like this. Once she wanted to see what it felt like to jump outta a two story window. Didn't dawn on her what would happen to a little body when it hit the grass. Lucky for her it was a soft landing and she only bruised herself up. My poor Mom was always on the look out for her AJ feats.