Thursday, October 4, 2007

When it comes to blows...

run for the teacher.

I took the boys out for pizza... primarily because we have NO food at the house because of our upcoming vacation but also because it's just quick and easy and darnit -- I was too busy to make dinner. So, an evening at Cici's Pizza it was. We got our 3 buffets and sat down.... Josh had told me to remind him (he'll learn eventually that saying that is like the kiss of death for whatever the idea is)... i'd forgotten to ask about it until we got back in the car to head home... and then he told me that a boy got sent to the principal's office... and he was a part of it... and I'm like.. HUH?

So as the story goes, Josh and his friend went to the bathroom... Josh finished and went to wash his hands and started to head back to the room but realized he'd forgotten to get a drink so he turned around and went back. At that time, he heard his friend calling for help from the boy's bathroom so he went into investigate. In doing so he found a 4th grader pushing his friend into the bathroom wall so Josh stood up for his friend adn told the kid to "pick on someone your own size" and the kid tried to start it with Josh... pushing him into the wall and josh came out swinging and kicking... made sure his friend was in the clear and they went to get the teacher... who promptly drug the kid to the principal's office.

As horrible as it sounds, I'm actually kind of proud of him.. not for fighting but for fighting for what is RIGHT. Was it right for him to get in the middle of something that he was obviously not a part of? No. Of course not, but I'm proud of him for standing up for someone in need, regardless of what it may potentially cost him (being in trouble for fighting). I told Josh that as long as he's not starting it, he will NEVER get in trouble with me for standing up for himself or others. I honestly think it was really good for him as well... give him a sense of being a little big of a bad ass. :) Who does't want to feel secure in your own skin?

I'm going to have TWO of those bumper stickers that say "my flunkie beat up your honor student" LOL... KIDDING! :)

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