Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Opening a can of worms

I rode the Carousel of Progress with Drew when we were at the Magic Kingdom the first day and it's just one of my favorite rides... it's an animatronic walk through the progress we've made in America through the ages... it has the coolest props... goes from talking about how you can get from CA to NY in 7 days on a train... goes from gas lanterns to electricity to voice controlled appliances... it's quite cool and it's just neat to see the progress we've made thus far through the ages. What I can't get over, however, is how much progress we've made... sometimes we just make stuff that's really NOT about convenience but just seems to be something to take up counter space.... can openers, for instance.

I am SO not a fan of electronic can openers... not only are they generally gross because of all the residue, they have to be left out on the counter.... and they just don't DESERVE such worthy space... point in case... of all the places you need space... making room for a small appliance just doesn't seem worthy... and they cause me stress.

I was trying to open a can of green beans for dinner last night and good GRIEF and holy MOSES it nearly took an act of congress to figure the stupid thing out. I don't even like the kind that have the handles on them. I prefer the small one taht's basically a little twisty turny thing and a "blade"... it requires no skill and doesn't feature electric currents to make things "go".... just good ole elbow grease.

I swear before it was over, I was ready to just run over the freakin can with the car and scrape the beans off the driveway. LOL. :)

PRogress - schmrogress.... can openers are for wussies!

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