Monday, October 8, 2007

Day two leads to the big golf ball

that would be Epcot. We got there and as SOON as the car doors were shut to head from the car to the parking lot -- the sky started falling. Ugh. So much for having decent hair... I got the rained on hair but at least I didn't wear a white t-shirt. They'd probably kick me out for indecency.

I'm starting to think that being conservative is such a thing of the past... I don't understand some of the cultures taht believe that if you can squeeze into it, it fits. That just SO not right on any level... Fashion police need to go into overdrive in large gatherings of people. Wearing shirts that show your bra straps (tank tops with spaghetti straps)... it's tacky... on any level. Wearing shorts that give you the muffin top... AND bottoms... means they DON"T FIT.... you need to lose 10 lbs or go up 2 sizes... it's pretty simple. Wearing shirts that have very large keyhole cut outs when you're over a DD bra size will not only leave funky sunburn lines they look really tasteless at a family gathering location. Wearing deodorant really shouldn't be an option once you hit puberty... there should be laws against NOT wearing it. :)

OK... off my soap box. :)

Together we rode a couple of rides... Drew loved the Living in the Seas ride that featured Nemo. He wanted to stay in the big clamshell ride... loved watching the real manatees eat their lettuce... they're so cute, I swear I just want to hug them. Sea cows...they are just so gentle and graceful... they're just big tubba lards. :) with whiskers...

Then while the big boys went to do their fast pass with the Test Track, we went to stand in line in the toon town character spot... for about 40 minutes... I am surrounded by all these people with their well behaved little girls wearing their cute Mickey/Minnie garb and I have the monkey that won't listen and insists on crawling all over the bars... UGH. We were goign to see Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Goofy, Chip n Dale... but oh no... we got there and the kid FROZE! He FROZE!!! ??? I tried to coax him... then push him... if I pushed on his rump, he leaned back with his I thought, OK... as much as I don't want to, I'll get in the shot... so I picked him up, and stood by Mickey and Drew clung onto me like his life depended on it... I"m talking death grip... and he put his head on my shoulder facing AWAY from Mickey. Oh well.. so we walked around the back of the rest and just looked at them and got in the stroller and met the big boys at the exit and headed home. LOL

We were going to ride Soarin' but the wait was too long and the fast pass wasn t until 5:40-6:40 and we weren't going to be there at that time... so we'll hit the couple of rides we want to ride as soon as we get there next time. We did ride something in The Land... little boat ride...we went through their hydroponic garden.. it had tomato plants and pumpkin trees... was amazing. I love watching how they do that... if I didn't have Drew, I'd totally do a behind the scenes tour. I'd love to come back and actually do Disney without kids... just to experience the food and sights and tours that you just can't when you have two little superheros running around...

Anyways, today was just an extra day at a park... we were going to do the beach today so for us not to and to do a little extra time at another park was jsut fun. :)

We came back and ate lunch -- MMMM... spaghetti, salad and garlic bread... then naps... and then into the swimming pool... (hot tub for me). :) had grilled chicken and rice with green beans for dinner. :) It'd be nice to go out to eat but Drew just won't last at a restaurant without totally stressing me out...

Tonight Josh found some inflatable mallet thing and he and Drew proceeded to attack Dad with it with a good 30 minutes of PawPaw playtime. It was a hoot. I'm GOING to figure out how to upload this to the site! :)

Tomorrow we head to the Animal Kingdom and I hope to do the entire park by 2 pm. I'm taking Drew's PB&J with us so that he'll have something to eat while we're there. So we shall see. :) That will leave tomorrow night for just relaxing too! :) And I'm all about that... maybe we'll go putt putt... unless Drew starts attacking everyone w/the putter... I can see it now. LOL

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