Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Degrees of Separation ~ An Experiment

My link to this experiment was Nina Perrin from her blog What the BUZ is ABOUT:

Will you join me in an experiment? I will answer the question: What was I doing 10/20/30 years ago...Then, you answer this question on your blog or here in the comments section. Tag as many other bloggers as possible & have them link back to (Mary DeMuth) who started this little social experiment!

Ten Years Ago (1997) - I lived in Colorado Springs, CO and was 24. I was a communications shift supervisor for the El Paso County Sheriff's Office (which is basically saying I was a 911 operator/police/fire/ems dispatcher and I supervised the staff on my shift. I had Boomer and Gidget (my Boston Terriers) and a cute little house on Bramble Lane... lived for the snow and drives into the mountains.

Twenty Years Ago (1987) - I was 14... don't get me trying to even freakin GUESS what grade I was in...??? 8th.. 9th? sheesh...

Thirty Years Ago (1977) - I was 4 years old, only one year older than my youngest son is now... my parents were still married... and some point within this time before I turned 5, we moved to the house where my mom still lives.

So here are my "tag your it":

Cindy Vernon -
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Libby -
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Libby said...

Hi April, thanks so much for tagging me (and for listing me as one of the blogs you love to scope!!!!) - I'll hopefully answer your tag next week. I'm heading out of town this afternoon for a few days (first time away from my son for this long, I'm freaking out a little!) and as you probably know if you visit my blog, I haven't been good about keeping it updated lately anyway!! But, I have a bunch of cards to post, if I can just get around to doing it, so hopefully there will be some blog action next week, including your tag!! :-) Have a nice weekend!