Sunday, October 7, 2007

We've arrived & day 1

After a 2 hour ordeal getting from the the runway to the house (geeze louise) we are HERE... (yesterday). I got everyone fed and then went to Wal-Mart for groceries... OMG what a WHIPPIN. This store is what I would think you'd find the aftermath of hurricane Katrina. It was absolutely insane... I'd be embarrassed to know how well the other WMs are/look/run if I worked there. There were people there with little babies.... it was 11 o'clock at night! I was just beside myhself.... BUT.. I got the goods, got back, got to bed and tried to get some sleep.

The alarm went off at 6:30 this morning and since I was about 4 hours short on sleep... yes, I hit the snooze button -- more than once (get your jaws off the ground). Drew woke up and was a little out of his element so went searching for a live person... "mornin mom... where Dosh" (Dosh is what he calls Josh... it's very sweet actually).

On a sidenote, Drew has never had someone stay in the same room with him. I thought it might be a neat idea to see if they could stay in the same room together. Unfortunately last night, Drew thought it was the coolest thing ever and he would'nt shut up for Josh to go to sleep so Josh went to sleep in the pink princess room... LOL... I'm going to HAVE to get a picture of that for the books! LOL

This morning I made scrambled egg and bacon toaster sandwiches for breakfast - coupled with a big glass of milk and 1/2 a banana... good deal! Shower and out at the parking lot at about 10. Drew was just in AWE over it all when we walked up to the Magic Kingdom. Walking down main street he was just experiencing sensory overload...

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket could hear Mickey talking (they had a show going on before the stage at Cinderella's castle) and then the toot toot of the train... all the stores, the people, the balloons, the colors, the smells, he was definitely on overload. We headed straight for Tommorrowland... enroute there we spotted a mother duck and two little ducklings scarfing down some popcorn some passers by left for them... They were so cute. The big boys went to go ride Space Mountain and so Drew and I went to go ride Disney's Carousel of Progress. That was the first ride of the sort Drew's ever been on. He kept wanting to pet the doggie... I love this ride, it's definitely of my favorites of all time.. the period appliances, how everyone feels like (at the time) things are just getting better and better...

Before we were about to get that ride underway, bad news text message that the line at Space Mountain was too long so they got a Fast Pass instead but we're already on the ride. So, since Drew and I had jsut started on it, Josh and Dad get on it too... After the ride was over, Drew got his first character experience... he got to meet Buzz, the man himself, Mr. Lightyear Space Ranger. He was beyond blown away... I think this was just the shiz-nits for my little man. I like that he let me take a picture... mostly because he's at the stage where he won't let me...but mostly because he bravely went straight up to him and was just kind of .. look mom can you believe Buzz Lightyear is talking to ME!

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We left that only to watch some electronic trash can talking and interacting. :)

...and we went to go ride Buzz Lightyear's space adventure... you get to sit in your own little space ship and they have two laser guns on them and you get to shoot for points. He had a blast... Josh and my dad rode together... Josh's score was like 406,000. Drew's was 1900. :) But it was really fun... I still can't believe Josh was terrified to ride that last time we were there...

We also went to see the Laugh Show they have for Monster's Inc. and while the fast passes at Space Mountain were redeemed, Drew and I went to ride the Tomorrowland Transportation Authority. Drew loved it... As soon as we were getting off the rides he really liked of course, we had the NOOOOO... AGAIN fit. He just thinks he's supposed to get to stay on it and go again. :)

But it was getting time for a certain little man to eat lunch and take a nap. He ate 3/4 of a grilled cheese, wolfed down some mandrin oranges and then just nibbled on some cheeto puffs... after that he was down for the count. :)

Joshi is bugging me to go swimming but I want a nap... had to record some memories though.... once Drew's back up..we're all heading out again.. for another round. :)

I'll be back for round two later... for now, it's time to watch my eyelids.

OK, so I got a nap, and we went back to the Magic Kingdom... it's so funny because Drew normally associates it being dark with "night night time" so I was wondering how he was going to take being out and about in the darkness. We got there and instead of heading straight for Space Mountain, we headed for Adventureland (I think) I'd told Josh about the pin trading and the landyards and he was just ... ready to start his collection so his first purchase was to buy a lanyard and 4 pins (kit) and he was on the hunt thereafter ready to trade. We went through the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse and then rode the Jungle Cruise... the director was a hoot -- I love stupid jokes. He said to this one kid at the end... "no no no... don't crawl out the window, you have to use the door... wait until you're 16 and do it out your own window" LOL something like that. He was just a wealth of stupid one liners. :) I appreciated the effort at least. :) but then again, like I said, I love stupid jokes... we left the jungle cruise and then we went on Aladin's magic carpets. Drew LOVED that. Josh rode in the front of the carpet with dad and he kept turning around asking Drew before the ride started, "Drew do you want to go low or go high"...and Drew would, of course, say "high" and Josh would say "okay" and turn back around.. I swear the exchange took place at least a half a dozen times. So that happened and we wandered up towards Splash Mountain and everyone was lining up for the SpectroMagic parade... and while I thought initially not to do it... I thought, what the heck... I found a hole to ask if someone would mind if Josh squeezed in... Drew on the shouliders and he was just ... again, in sensory overload. He loved it. He would wave to everyone when they came by...and once I was like... ok, this is enough and total overkill... we started to head over to ride It's A Small World -- he LOVED LOVE LOVED this ride too... Josh had fun on it because I gave him the camera and if it moved, we probably took a picture of it. LOL. and he'd take it and then hae to show me. I'm surprised I have any battery life OR picture space left. :) I think I'm going to take my big dog camera to the Animal Kingdom tomorrow. There's no shutter delay on that one and NO LEARNING CURVE!

Once that was finished, we were either goign to try to ride Peter Pan's ride, Snow White's ride or ... bam... the fireworks started... we weren't in the best spot for pictures because, face it, we've all see the fireworks show explosions behind Cinderella's castle and they're best viewed FROM Main Street... well, we were BEHIND the castle... so the fireworks jsut weren't in the same spot. Phooey... and then trying to leave after that.. I think 90% o fthe park decided to leave then too.. freakin UGH... so slowly we made our way back.. what a freakin whippin -- we were ALL tired -- HUNGRY -- did I mention how much I love crowds of people pushing strollers capable of taking out a small army ankle first... and then these same people are jacking with their cameras... and their cell phones.. and their cell phone cameras...and the maps...and if I took another freakin stroller to the back of my leg, I was going to flip it over on top of them... kid and all. ;) Anyways... drew liked the fireworks... UNTIL the end...they lit up some monster bammers and they were LOUD...and it kind of freaked him out -- just a tad. :) There are some crazy senior citizens getting Montezeuma's revenge on everyone too with their speedy little motor scooters.... thanks to The Scooter Store! LOL... dam fools!

On the way out the gate, Josh wanted to trade pins with one of the ladies working the exit gates. She had one of her pins turned over where just the frog (the back side of the pin -- I think they are called frog clasps..?? I dunno) was showing off the back and she said that it was a "mystery pin" and that if you wanted it, you couldn't see it, you just had to pick it and take what you got.... he chose it.. it was a rainbow striped mickey... I told Josh that it was pretty and then I said, you'll want to change that again. LOL... he was like... why? So I explained to him how the Disney company is very "sympathetic" to the homosexual culture... so to that I got the good ole, "what does that mean mommy" to which I replied, you know, boys that like boys and girls that like girls people... OH... that they're supportive of them but we, as Christians do not feel that this is the way that it's supposed to be... what people do is their business but that is one of their universal "symbols" so, lets just trade it. :) So, once he realized that it was a "gay pin" he wanted to trade it... So the minute we deboarded the monorail, he approached the guy there to trade him. He did get a cute little fat round pluto pin in it's place -- they have a whole set of pins now that looks like they are supposed resemble mylar balloons... it was cute... or perhaps it's like what Pluto would look like on South Park. Regardless, he was glad to be rid of the pin and the guy we traded it to... lol... I think he liked his new pin. ROFL...

On the way home, drew says "hey momma... hey mom" so I lean over only for my sweet little son to wipe a booger on my finger that he'd just picked and decided to share with me.. and he said that "i sharing" ... gee...thanks.... be selfish next time brat will ya?

It was a late night for everyone... We hit McDonalds on the way home for two little people. Drew took a pink bath.. we read stories... and bam, he was DOWN for the count. Josh took a quick bath (shower?? something) and he was down for the count -- IN the same room... LOL... so I guess it just depends on how tired and such they are. (Drew.. who am I kidding, there's no "they")

OH... and since we left the porch light on... we had these fun little wall climbing frogs all over our entry way.

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OK, well, I'll have to go over this again to make sure that I know what this like I said, it's been a late night

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