Thursday, October 11, 2007

Wow... I'm tired!

Today we got up and went to Epcot. Amazing 37... that's where we parked but dude, when it came time to leave we couldn't figure out what row it was! Ha! How funny... what a hot whippin though. LOL. Ugh

We got there and went straight to The Land... to get Fast Passes for Soarin'. Once we got those went to ride the little boat ride -- anything that has water and is slow like "Small World" is Drew's favorite for the moment He had a good time on those... Once that was done we walked out and went to Journey To Imagination with Figment the little purple and pink dragon with orange spikes. When we were first entering, they are having the A Million Dreams Come True or something like that special at all the parks right now and they were handing out free lanyards with memorial pins on them... Dad, Josh, Drew and I all got one for FREE! :) So I gave mine to Josh so that he could trade them for two others. So he should be SET for the pins! :) The ride was a little similar to the last time I remember being on it and some had changed (unfortunately)... but hey, they can't always stay the same, right? We got off the ride and went into their little play area... I let the boys make some tubes of sandy candy (a.k.a. "kiddy crack") and off we went... I can't remember what we did after that but we did go back to redeem our fast our Fast Passes... the guy asked if Drew was tall enough (for the record, NO he isn't...but thanks dude for letting him on! :)) He just kind of raised an eyebrow and let us through after eyeing him up. We got buckled in and the ride is some type of hydraulic lift that puts you in front of a big IMAX type screen... has wind, aromas (like orange when you "fly" over the orange grove and pine when you go over the pine forest... it was beautiful. I wanted to be on those big mountains they showed... beautiful...

I wanted to go to the World Showcase... but man, it sucks with little people. Josh was bored, Drew was whiney (he's getting in molars -- yee gads that can make a day long)... I could spend an entire day in the World Showcase goign through the stores, reading about the countries, eating the food, enjoying the culture... but forget it if you have children. Epcot's World Showcase is wasted on little people! LOL... ok.. .not totally but if you really want to ENJOY it for what it is... it is. :)

So they're having the Food and Wine Festival where you pay between $3 and $7 and get a sampling portion of cuisine specific to the countries/regions... and a little extra to sample a bit of the wines that would compliment the entree or food choice. No, I couldn't drink wine and enjoy it when the sun was beating down on me like I was on a was HOT and there was NO WIND. Why people prefer the beach to the mountains is beside me. Josh wanted to sample EVERYTHING but I wasn't going to go broke letting him do that so I said...just because they offer food doesn't mean we have to buy it... he had a goat cheese and sun dried tomato quiche from France... we split a spinach lasagna and mozzarrella caprese "salad" from Italy and he ate some shrimp and some marinated veggies from Australia. I love that he's an adventurous eater. I'm not (really - somewhat but for the most part I jsut stick to what I KNOW I like rather than waste my money to be disappointed -- AND hungry). So after that we got Drew an ice cream... and then headed back home (once we found the car)

Got back to the house to RELAX... boy that sun just literally drains the LIFE out of you... I made some manwich and mac/cheese and we ALL crashed out! :) I slept in the princess room with Josh (he started out watching tv but quickly opted a nap -- which he needed badly). Got up, the boys went swimming and then we all headed back for round 2 at Epcot -- The big boys went to ride Soarin' (AGAIN -- but no option for a Fast Pass and it had a 65 minute wait) so Drew and I went toolin around through the countries. We heard some Moroccans... some funky Irish band in kilts playing rock music... lol... we bought some popcorn and fed the ducks (this actually was a very fun thing to do)... and then they were done... we found a spot... got Josh a funnel cake, watched the model trains and watched the fireworks (Drew atop my shoulders) ... it was over and we headed home.

It's after midnight, I have a little person who will be waking up in about 7 hours... so it's best I bid you all goodnight because we're hitting the MGM Studios tomorrow! Woo hoo! :) That should be fun... I hope we see some power rangers for Drew. :) I can hope at least! They dohave them on their little trading pins so there IS hope. :) Josh is dying to ride the Tower of Terror and my mom wants to know his reaction to it... So we shall see! :)


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