Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Oh yes, the fun American tradition of dressing up your children so that no one will recognize them and sending them through the neighborhood begging for candy. :)

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Drew had a good time tonight -- whining (mostly) because he didn't get to ring the doorbell (toward the end it was because even Batman gets tired!

There was one house that had a mummy behind one of the side windows next to the door... when the lady opened the door, he yelled, "TRICK OR TREAT" and then jsut walked into her house and asked if he could touch it. It was quite a hoot.

We also saw a house that had a strobe light... he wanted to go see the "blue thing" that went like this -- and he proceeded to stick his tongue in and out and make his hands ... do something weird -- can't even describe it with words - his arms were just flailing about -- quite a riot. :)

We piggy backed with Lisa, Austin and Renee... It was fun. Being a tad warm, their masks got hot after a while and so dragging the wagon around, it became the official tote. Austin was a Power Ranger and in the beginning, Drew wanted nothing to do with trick or treating... and everything to do with carrying Austin's power staff thing. I don't know why Drew wasn't just a power ranger but I guess Bat Man won over this year... we'll see how he fares next year.

I hope all your little spooks and goblins had a great night tonight... it's such a whippin but when they have fun running from house to house... makes it all worth it (until the dentist visits!) :) ha!

Here's a photo of Josh -- no longer in the age of "cute"... he had to go for gross. Oh well, at least he wasn't asking to be a mermaid, count my blessings -- right.

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And this is my little Batman with his forced smile and fake "cheeeeeesss" (not cheese because he can't say his "s" just right yet)

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