Sunday, November 4, 2007

Newest Creations

I finally got the bug fixed with my scanner -- no clue what was up but it kept telling me that if -22 was flashing on the display to click troubleshooting -- but there IS no display so I was baffled. BUT, finally after jacking around with it for a while I KNEW I had to get it figured out since my design team submissions were beyond LATE! SO... without further delay... here are my latest creations (well, the ones I scanned in anyway). I'm trying to use JUST what is provided in my kits without overly embellishing them or going "over the top" which is very hard for me to just get "back to basics" with scrapping but I think it was a noble effort on my part if I do say so myself! :) Hope you enjoy.

All cardstock is Bazzil, pp is Urban Lilly, rubons are Doodle Bug, twill ribbon, foam dots.

This is my cute little pouty Drew on his 3rd birthday. You'd think he'd be excited but he was just a little bundle of pout so .. you know me... snap snap snap!
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In May was Josh's Crossing Over campout with the Cub Scouts where he got to pin on his Tiger rank. Andy had Drew for the night and brought him out to the lake (Grapevine) to see Josh so I, of course, snapped some photos of them together.
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This is a photo of Josh on a day we'd just gotten home from school... the snow had really started to fall (though you can't tell from the background) but it was really coming down. Josh and Drew had been outside trying to catch snowflakes on their tongues and Josh wound up with a wet head but he is so adorable, I had to capture the moment.
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This is a photo of Drew from the Crossing Over campout when he was spending time at the lakeshore. He loved picking up and throwing everything into the lake that he could get his hands on. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

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Patsy said...

Great layouts!! Yor kids are precious.