Monday, November 12, 2007

Hasn't Anything Exciting Happened since 11/7?

You'd think that SOMETHING newsworthy would have happened since then??? Lets see... hmm...

I went to MOPS on 11/7 and heard a WONDERFUL talk from an amazing woman named Terri Camp. She's a single mom of 8 that had her life go into a tailspin after her 18 year old daughter confessed that her father had been molesting her. With the faith in God and the spirit of a woman, she relocated her family to Texas and started over from scratch. It's just been an amazing journey and she is just such a wonderful blessing and testimony of God's true love for us... and how it's proof that He WILL get you through anything. She has an amazing story to tell. I won a book of hers called "I'm Going To Be The Greatest Mom Ever - Even If It Kills Me" :) So far it's been a great read! :) That happened on 11/7

I had my den meeting on Thursday -- we made Indian dream catchers... that was kind of neat. After the meeting was over, I was in the garage moving a night stand and saying goodbye to everyone and when I walked into the door, Josh had a freakin melt-down because he forgot to anchor the bottom bead and when he held up his dream catcher, the beads just filed one by one onto the floor. I think he was just exhausted, and needed a good cry. He annoyed the crap out of me (before I realized that) because he compeltely had destroyed and ripped the entire thing apart...?? that's real smart... yeah, right... so iw as like... you know what.. go to your room. Go to bed. He went up there, had a good cry, pout and came back down and was fine... ?? kids. I swear I thank God daily he's not a girl. I don't know what I'd have done with anymore estrogen in this house. Mama don't do drama!

Friday I woke up with a splitting headache but going to Trulucks for dinner and having a FANTASTIC time with Ray and Lori was just what the doctor ordered. I took the boys over to mom's for the night because I had a training class the next day at the butt crack of dawn on the other side of town... but as far as Friday -- the food was fantastic, the company was the best... it was just a great night out without a kid's menu! YEA!!! Gotta love that! :)

Saturday, I got up and went with another den leader to Everman, TX to the Longhorn Council's POW WOW... I had a few classes that seemed beneficial but a couple of them were real snoozers. I e-mailed the coordinator and suggested they do some sort of class evaluation so they can see the strengths and weaknesses of each course to help it grow and make it a better program year after year. I was supposed to go to the scrapbook crop at Recollections (one of the few remaining this year since they're closing their doors at the end of December) but my friend Trinity gladly took my spot (THANK YOU GIRL) because I was just BEAT by the end of that day and literally just wanted to lapse into a coma. 7pm and I was just ready to die!

Sunday, Veteran's Day -- the Lion's club came and put up the flag in the yard... I said a little prayer for all those serving... wished I still didn't feel so beat and did nothing but clean/organize/laundry all day. It was sheer madness here I tell ya! :) I'm in some kind of nesting mode (and NO -- so don't even go there!) but I'mjust wanting to get RID OF CRAP! The more crap you have, the more you have to dust and organize...the more you get rid of, the simpler life is... :) Seems simple enough! :)

That's the update from my household... hope you're all doing well. :)

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