Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Josh's "whatever it was called" anniversary

Isn't it horrible I don't even remember if it was a baptism, blessing or christening... I'm thinking christening but I'll have to check the invites to be 100% sure. :) But it's the anniversary of doing "that" to Josh... his Godmother, Laurie Pezzot in Ohio, sent me an e-mail for him and I thought, you know that'd make a good blog....the story of his "whatever it was called"

His father and I were in Ohio... it was quite a big to do. Bob's old pastor from his childhood was the one that performed the ceremony. We had this whole schedule of events... they were going to do this... then this... then this... then a song... and then we were to come forward... then this... then that... and wham bam... we eat. Well, they STARTED the song... and then this little bundle of wonder started turning bright red, gritting his gums and blowing bubbles in his diaper. Yes, he was quite busy. Unfortunatley it was a quite an old church so they didn't exactly have the Koala changing stations in the bathroom so I'm on the cold tile floor, in HOSE in my dress hoping he finishes up in time... I had two peple at the door -- one Doc Nehls telling me -- the song's almost up... time to for you start walking forward -- I was like... well, the song may be up but HE isn't. We walked out JUST as the song ended... it was completely divine intervention that we made it out of there in time. What a mess. I think I must have used 50 wipes... you know how breast fed babies are. So... my little joke about the whole situation was that Josh had to make some room for Jesus. :)

It was a nice ceremony... afterwards, everyone stayed at the church and we ate, they brought gifts -- I still have many of them.... loved the little blanket someone knit for him... his bible, a ceramic cross that used to be above his door...

they all wanted to pass him around and hold him but he kept getting fussier and fussier and fussier so I finally was like, lets check your diaper again and his poor little rump was BRIGHT RED... no wonder everytime someone held him and started to pat his little rear he started to cry.... just made it worse...

It was a nice day... I'll have to dig out the pictures and scrap a few pages while the memories are fresh in my mind (awwww.. heck who am I kidding ... it's blogged now so at least I don't HAVE to remember it) :)

I'm glad he made room for Jesus... now I just need to remember to make that a priority in his life every day...

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