Monday, November 5, 2007

Why I Do What I Do

I think Ambien has the effect that maryjane has on others... you have some and then suddenly feel that you can figure out what is wrong with a particular situation with great certainty. (phooey)... but in theory -- sounds good right?!

So what's wrong with me?! LOL... I've had close friends tell me that I was nuts, that I must be a mad woman, that I must never sleep, that I am obviously over-involved, that I must be a micromanager, that I must have been cloned.

====Here me now putting the record straight==== there is no cloning going on in this little Texas woman! Nu uh... unless she's gonna come back with me with the body at like... 19... man, would wouldn't kill for that bod! It was SLAMMIN! OK.. ok .. ok.. so I totally digress. :) The point of the story... I over-commit myself to activities that I feel strongly about because I feel that if someone else doesn't step up to assist, it's going to go tumbling to the ground and that will ultimately have a detrimental lasting effect, so I volunteer my humble services in the hope that whatever madness I can help keep the whatever it is afloat, that we are going to be just fine and they'll be appreciated and just make me feel warm and fuzzy. :) I guess I just need constant reaffirmation.. wow.. and I never would have thought I did. Hmmmmm.. major breakthrough right here!!!!

I want to help children.. I've wanted to help them since I was in my teens, I wanted to teach. . . that was until i learned how much they DIDN'T make and that was like a violent shove into violent of "what are you going to do" so I went into law... love it, did well, very well perhaps... but the yearning that I had to work with and on behalf of children was always there ....

I taught AWANA at church on Wednesday nights... loved it...I taught Sunday school for 3-4 years... loved that as well. i just still wanted more...I just have a calling for MORE!... so I'm considering going back to school.... to be a teacher... we shall see...

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