Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Standing up for yourself...

That would be Drew... today... standing up to pee. Yes, it's a milestone we've conquered I suppose seeing that I lack the proper apparatus to adequately teach him exactly "how" this is supposed to happen but I think the near hiney dip in the toilet this morning has scared him into submission of "hey... I can stand up and pee so I should."

Yes, my friends, they're no longer little boys when they stand up to pee and tell you to "go away" when you're trying to make sure that it winds up in the commode rather than on the tile.

My days of scrubbing floors are going to be coming back I see. OH well, you can't keep them young forever... today he pees standing up... tomorrow he actually may eat a green bean

yeah, right... who am **I** kidding!

Delight in the little things....

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