Thursday, December 20, 2007

Happy Birthday to ME!

Yep... yours truly hit the big 3-5 today. Josh was SUCH a hoot.

"Mom, what exciting things are you goign to do on your birthday?" I grab a tissue and blew my nose because I'm still deathly sick.

"Well, you've got your Christmas party at school, I have to pick up a cake from the store for the Pack meeting tonight and then we have the Pack meeting."

"That doesn't sound like fun at all."

"Yeah, well, when you get old, you don't live your days for you anymore, it's all about your kids."

"Then I don't want any kids."

HA HA HA! I was so proud of my little narcissistic 8 year old. :)

On a happy note though, while I was at my Pack meeting, my friend Trinity came by and brought me some of Calloway's PUMPKIN BUTTER! MMMMMMMMM... I know what's going to be on MY biscuits in the morning and it ain't strawberry preserves. :) Thanks Trin!

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